Maj. Gant Quotes in Firefox (1982)


Maj. Gant Quotes:

  • Upenskoy: Gant, can you fly that plane? Really fly it?

    Maj. Gant: Yeah, I can fly it. I'm the best there is.

  • [repeated line]

    Maj. Gant: Let's see what this baby can do.

  • Riga Technician: Target does not appear to be taking avoiding action, Captain!

    Captain of the Riga: He will!

    Maj. Gant: [in the MiG-31] I can't take evasive action, I'm too low on fuel. I'm going in. Let's see what this baby can do.

  • Maj. Gant: [to Upenskoy] Don't you Jews ever get tired of fighting City Hall?

  • Maj. Gant: Aren't you gonna threaten me or something?

    First Secretary: I will do so, if that is what you wish. But first I will merely ask you to return what does not belong to you.

  • First Secretary: This is the First Secretary. I am speaking to the individual who has stolen the property of the U.S.S.R. Can your hear me, Mr. Gant?

    Maj. Gant: [in the MiG-31] Oh, we're getting the royal treatment.

    [activates radio]

    Maj. Gant: Yeah, go ahead, I'm listening.

    First Secretary: Are you enjoying your ride, Mr. Gant? Like our new toy?

  • [last lines]

    Maj. Gant: Punching in the coordinates... I'm coming home.

  • Maj. Gant: All right. The bait's been swallowed. Let's head north to the Urals.

  • Dr. Baronovich: Do you smoke?

    Maj. Gant: No, not for years.

    Dr. Baronovich: [throws a pack of cigarettes onto the table] Learn again, now.

    Maj. Gant: [picking up the pack] These aren't even Russian cigarettes.

    Dr. Baronovich: Foreign cigarettes in the mouth of the person you are pretending to be will be even more convincing than anything else - even your papers.

  • Maj. Gant: [On his "meeting" with the airliner] I may have cut it a little close, but you'll have heard that already by now!

  • Maj. Gant: Oh? Where is it?

    Buckholz: Russia.

    [Gant studies him]

    Buckholz: You've got to steal it.

  • Maj. Gant: But you want me to fly?

    Buckholz: Yes, we want you to fly. We want you to fly the greatest warplane ever built.

  • Maj. Gant: [after outrunning two missiles in the MiG-31] Boy, is this a machine!

  • Upenskoy: [indicating a gun] : You can use this?

    Maj. Gant: Yeah, I can use it.

    Upenskoy: Good. DON'T, unless it's absolutely necessary.

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