Maisie Quotes in The Boy Friend (1971)


Maisie Quotes:

  • HortenseMaisieFayDulcieNancy: [singing] We'd save for him, And slave for him, We'd even misbehave for him, That certain thing called "The Boy Friend"

  • Maisie: Say, that's a kickie step. Who taught you that?

    Tommy: Search me, Toots? You see, as a kid I was kicked in the head and when I came to - amnesia.

    Maisie: How on earth did that happen?

    Tommy: You've heard of the Russian Revolution - and all that jazz?

    Maisie: Yes!

    Tommy: Well, I'm told I was on the steppes of Odessa, when the Whites went bananas. When I woke up, all I could remember was how to tap dance.

  • Mme. Dubonnet: [singing] I am so good, At spreading mirth and joy

    Percy: But it's no good, With such a sulky boy

    MaisieFayDulcieNancy: I try, To play the game the other fellows all choose

    Percy: The other fellows all choose

    MaisieFayDulcieNancy: I sigh, Because you always refuse

    Mme. Dubonnet: What is a girl to do, With such a boy as you? I've got those

    PercyMme. DubonnetMaisieFayDulcieNancy: Dreary, Weary, You-Don't-Want-To-Play-With-Me Blues

  • Tony: [on stage] I can show you a good time. Its not has as if I hadn't got plenty of cash.

    Maisie: Money isn't everything, though, it certainly helps!

    Tony: One more ad lib like that, Toots, and you're getting a knuckle sandwich.

  • Alphonse: Behave yourself or I'll belt ya.

    Maisie: Just try it you little twerp.

    Alphonse: Do not forget tonight you will dance the tango with me!

    Maisie: Of course, not!

  • [first lines]

    Susanna: Want to sleep with mommy tonight?

    Maisie: Um hmm.

    Susanna: In my bed?

    Maisie: Um hmm.

    Susanna: You promise not to kick me?

    Maisie: I promise.

  • Margo: I'm sorry I got mad at him. He must think I'm awful.

    Maisie: Mommy gets mad at him all the time.

  • Maisie: [to George Raft] You've got to get a classy name. That 'George Raft' is too ordinary.

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