Maindrian Pace Quotes in Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)


Maindrian Pace Quotes:

  • Maindrian Pace: [Before the famous 40 minute chase scene] I should have read my horoscope this morning.

  • Hawkins: You know something, Vicinski, I bet five more cars have been stolen in just the time I've been here.

    Maindrian Pace: No, I don't think so, Hawkins. Good night.

  • Pumpkin Chase: Maindrian, we have to give Eleanor back.

    Maindrian Pace: What are you talking about? The contract's filled!

    Pumpkin Chase: [handing him newspaper] She's not insured. Here, look for yourself.

    Maindrian Pace: You gotta be kidding me..."Owner desperate. '73 Ford Mustang stolen from 18511 Mariposa, Gardena. Not insured. Please return, no questions." Pumpkin, I'm tired. I'm not Superman. Look at that, that contract is filled!

    Pumpkin Chase: Maindrian...

    [Eugene bursts in]

    Eugene Chase: Damn you, Pace! Where's that El Dorado?

    Maindrian Pace: It's gone, Eugene.

    Eugene Chase: What did you do with it, you sonova bitch?

    Maindrian Pace: I burned it.

    Eugene Chase: [shouts] You burned a million dollars worth of heroin?

    [tries to punch him, but Maindrian throws him over chair]

    Maindrian Pace: [to Pumpkin] I'm going to give Eleanor back, but only because of one reason. I know where there's another at the International Towers in Long Beach.

    [storms out]

    Maindrian Pace: [shouts] And then I'm cleaned up!

    Pumpkin Chase: Maindrian!

    [door slams]

  • Maindrian Pace: Hey, Stanley, what's your new girlfriend's name?

    Stanley Chase: Jill, why?

    Maindrian Pace: I'm going to name this car after her, 'cause she's a wreck too.

  • Pumpkin Chase: [about Maindrian's wig] Doesn't he look good with his gray hair?

    Atlee Jackson: Ah, he looks like a polack.

    Maindrian Pace: At least my mother didn't name me Atlee!

  • Corlis Pace: [drives up in a big white Cadillac] How do I look in this one?

    Maindrian Pace: Like a polack! Where's your wig?

    Corlis Pace: It itches.

    Maindrian Pace: I'll itch you. Get this damn thing in here and get it cleaned-up!

  • Maindrian Pace: What are you doing out this late at night?

    Hawkins: Ah, I just finished taking a report down at Whittlesey Motors. It seems somebody ripped-off a Manta.

    Maindrian Pace: What's a Manta?

    Hawkins: The thirty-fifth expensive car stolen in three days! You heard about that, didn't you?

    Maindrian Pace: Listen, all I hear is the insurance companies screaming at us every time they lose a lousy dime.

  • Maindrian Pace: Hey, Atlee, how come you don't get called up at five o'clock in the morning?

    Atlee Jackson: Because I live right.

    Maindrian Pace: Yeah, well I'll fix your living habits! Tomorrow morning you can get up at five o'clock and start tearing that truck apart to find out how come he hit the train.

    Atlee Jackson: Okay, if Stanley helps me. I think five years in the army gave him brain damage!

    Stanley Chase: Hey, hey, I'll learn the business next week, all right? I don't even know how these switch-overs work.

  • [looking at a car Corlis and Atlee have just stolen]

    Hawkins: What's this?

    Maindrian Pace: A Cadillac.

    Hawkins: What's wrong with it?

    Maindrian Pace: Oh, it's, er, theft recovery.

  • Maindrian Pace: This job is ruining my sex life.

    Stanley Chase: Ah, who'd have sex with you anyway?

    Maindrian Pace: Nobody you'd know, that's for sure.

    [sees a Pantera with a pretty girl climbing out]

    Maindrian Pace: Will you look at that!

    Stanley Chase: Hey, I think I'm in love!

    Maindrian Pace: I'm talking about the car, Stanley.

  • Maindrian Pace: I'm Maindrian Pace, adjuster for the insurance company.

    Carl: All right, what about my check?

    Maindrian Pace: Yeah, I'm sorry, are you Mr. DeGusta?

    Carl: Yes, I am.

    Maindrian Pace: Yeah, I'm sorry, but it doesn't work quite that easily, we'll have to conduct an investigation, first.

    Carl: Hey, look, really, I don't need this "gosh I'm sorry for your loss". I'm a busy man, I have things to do, I have business appointments to deal with. I want my money and I want it, now! I mean, I don't want to hear anything by "I'll call you later", because that's my game.

    Judi Gibbs: Carl, you'll get another car.

    Carl: I don't want another car! I want my Bricklin! I can't drive around this town without a status car! Hey, want do you want me to drive around in? A Bug?

    Captain Gibbs: Slow down, Carl. Your lips are smoking. Mr. Pace, can I talk to you for am minute, please?

    Maindrian Pace: Sure.

    [He takes Maindrian aside from a far distance from Judi and Carl]

    Captain Gibbs: Now, for reasons known only to God, my daughter sees something in this gentleman and I'd appreciate it if you could speed up the process just a little.

    Maindrian Pace: Well, we do have certain procedures we do have to follow.

    Captain Gibbs: I'm fully aware of procedures, Mr. Pace, I happen to be the captain of the Los Angeles Police Department. Auto theft detail.

    Maindrian Pace: I see.

    [He turns around to Carl]

    Maindrian Pace: Mr. DeGusta, I'll have your check for $15,000 along with proof of insurance loss.

    Carl: That's better.

    Maindrian Pace: [offended] You're welcome.

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