Magic Star Quotes in My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)


Magic Star Quotes:

  • Shady: Can I go with you? I never get to go anywhere.

    Gusty: Oh no! Shady's nothing but bad luck!

    Shady: Just give me a chance. My luck's bound to change... I think.

    Magic Star: Everyone deserves a chance, Shady. You're in.

  • Magic Star: Do you hear something?

    Gusty: My horn itches.

    Shady: Something must be wrong.

    Magic Star: Something doesn't have to be wrong, Shady. Think positive for a change.

  • Magic Star: I heard something that time!

    Gusty: Well, I didn't.

    Shady: Maybe it's going to rain. Maybe we'll get all wet and catch pneumonia!

    Gusty: Oh, I knew you shouldn't have come.

    Shady: No, I like the rain. I love it.

    Magic Star: We'll worry about the rain later.

  • Shady: Oh, Gusty, look at you! It's all my fault! I know it!

    Gusty: Yeah, it is! You're bad luck!

    Magic Star: It's not your fault, Shady.

    Gusty: Yes, it is! Yes, it is!

    Bushwoolie #1: It's her fault! I can hardly move!

    Bushwoolie #3: Yeah, her fault!

    Magic Star: No, it's not. You're just grumpy because you've been smoozed.

  • Fizzy: Great idea, Wind Whistler! Good thing you came along! We'll help Megan for sure now! We'll just...

    Magic Star: Settle down, Fizzy. We'll never get anywhere if you don't stop talking.

    Fizzy: Sorry, it's just that I get so excited, and...

    Magic Star: Follow me.

    Fizzy: Gee, I don't see why a little pony can't be a little enthusiastic once in a while.

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