Madge Hardcastle Quotes in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)


Madge Hardcastle Quotes:

  • Carol: You haven't met anyone?

    Madge Hardcastle: Single by choice. Just not my choice.

  • Norman Cousins: This is it.

    Madge Hardcastle: You're not worried about thre danger of having sex at your age?

    Norman Cousins: If she dies, she dies.

  • Madge Hardcastle: One was rather hoping to fly under the radar, but one is a member of the royal family.

    Mr. Maruthi: Which member, madam?

    Madge Hardcastle: I'm Princess Margaret.

    Mr. Maruthi: It is most certainly an honor to meet you, madam. And may I say how well you look, especially taking into account that you died nine years ago.

  • Jean: The whole thing is actually tremendously exciting. Not just getting on the plane, but getting on the plane and turning left.

    Norman Cousins: Turning left?

    Jean: First class. And home in time for our fortieth wedding anniversary. We haven't quite decided how to mark the occasion.

    Madge Hardcastle: Perhaps a minute's silence.

  • Evelyn: Is it our friend we are grieving for, whose life we knew so little? Or is it our own loss that we are mourning? Have we traveled far enough that we can allow our tears to fall?

    Madge Hardcastle: When someone dies, you think about your own life. And I don't want to grow older. I don't want to be condescended to. To become marginalized and ignored by society. I don't want to be the first person they let off the plane in a hostage crisis.


  • Evelyn: [Flustered] I just need some water...

    [downs the contents of Madge's glass]

    Madge Hardcastle: That was a gin and tonic!

    Evelyn: I know that now.

  • Sonny: Your bedroom.

    Madge Hardcastle: Where?

    Sonny: Here. In here.

    Madge Hardcastle: My dear man, rooms have doors. What you're showing me here is an alcove.

  • Madge's Son-in-Law: How many husbands have you had?

    Madge Hardcastle: Including my own?

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