Ma Cox Quotes in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)


Ma Cox Quotes:

  • Dewey Cox: Springburry ain't big enough for me no more. I reckon it's time for Dewey Cox to move on.

    Ma Cox: But y-you're only 14?

    Dewey Cox: Mama, I love you. But I don't need nobody. All I need is my music. I've seen my path today, and I'm gonna take it, and some day, I'll make my masterpiece, and you'll all be proud of me. Just like you were of Nate.

    Edith: Can I come, Dewey?

    Dewey Cox: Of course you can, Edith! You're my girlfriend.

    Edith: I am?

    Dewey Cox: Yes, silly! I pointed at you in the audience.

    Edith: [to the family] Did you hear that? I'm Dewey's 12 year-old girlfriend!

  • Ma Cox: I'm just so glad you learned to play the guitar so good... even without having a sense of smell!

    Dewey Cox: It's okay mama, I learned how to play by ear.

  • Dewey Cox: What happened?

    Pa Cox: I'll tell you what happened. We were readying for bed when your song comes on the radio.

    [the scene switches to the Cox's house with "Walk Hard" playing on the radio]

    Ma Cox: It's Dewey! Your son is talented. You should be proud.

    Pa Cox: Well, I must admit, it is kind of... catchy.

    Ma Cox: Dance with me Pa.

    [the two begin dancing]

    Pa Cox: It does make you kind of want to move, doesn't it?

    Ma Cox: It sure does.

    Pa Cox: Maybe I have been kind of hard on little Dewey.

    Ma Cox: Maybe you have.

    [Pa twists Ma, accidentally causing her to lose her balance and fall out the window]

    Pa Cox: You alright, ma?

    Ma Cox: I'm alright!

    [the radio falls out of the window and hits Ma in the head, killing her]

    Dewey Cox: [starting to cry] She lost her balance... and fell out the window... and then the radio crushed her head?

    Pa Cox: While she was dancing to your song. I thought you should know what your music does. It kills people. You made her happy, and it killed her. If Nate was alive this never would've happened.

    [Pa begins to leave. As he turns the hall, he comes back around]

    Pa Cox: Wrong kid died!

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