Lurcio Quotes in Up Pompeii (1971)


Lurcio Quotes:

  • Cassandra: Pompeii's citizens will befall the fate of the sinful men of Gomorrah!

    Lurcio: Will they, indeed?

    Cassandra: And Sodom

    [pronounced Sod em]

    Lurcio: Ooh, I agree, the lot of them!

  • Lurcio: [after Cassandra's prophecy; to the camera] Oh, she's very embittered, you know. Very embittered. You've seen the ring she had on? Well, allegedly, that was given to her by her fiancĂ© when she was eighteen, and he jilted her, and she hasn't had it off since! Poor dear!

  • [last lines]

    Lurcio: [to audience] I will quote from the last words of Cleopatra to Mark Antony: if you liked it, tell your friends. Saluté!

    [gesticulates "up yours" with his fingers]

    Lurcio: Eh, what was that? Ah, go on now, off

    [shot of the sky]

  • Lurcio: [Lurcio is behind a bush and after a few minutes, produces a watering can] What are you looking at? Anyway I wasn't so don't think about it.

  • Lurcio: [in the sauna] I can't see a bloody thing, can you?

    [naked woman passes by when Lurcio is in front of the camera]

    Lurcio: Eh, was that a naked woman just then? Damn, I missed her.

    [naked man passes by]

    Lurcio: But you couldn't miss him now, could you?

  • [first lines]

    Lurcio: [during the opening credits when Frankie Howerd is displayed in small letters] Oh come on, bigger!

    Lurcio: [the name gets bigger] Don't be ashamed of it!

    Lurcio: [now bigger] Bigger!

    [now even bigger]

    Lurcio: Bigger!

    Lurcio: [the name is now very large, and most of it has disappeared] Alright, don't go mad!

  • Ludicrus Sextus: [during Vesuvius' eruption] I say, Lurcio, how did my speech go?

    Lurcio: [in the rubble] Master, you brought the house down!

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