Lugs Harvey Quotes in Stroker Ace (1983)


Lugs Harvey Quotes:

  • Charlie: What's so bad about second?

    Stroker AceLugs Harvey: Screw Second!

  • Stroker Ace: [asking about the previous night's encounter between Torkle and Pembrook] What DID happen between you two?

    Pembrook Feeney: [Pembrook and Lugs roll out from under Stroker's race car on creepers] He just made me mad, that's all, so I kicked him in the scrotum.

    [Pembrook rolls back under the car]

    Stroker Ace: Scrotum?

    Lugs Harvey: What's a scrotum?

    Stroker Ace: I dunno.

    Lugs Harvey: I think I'll find out.

    [Lugs rolls back under the car]

    Lugs Harvey: Pembrook, what's a scr...

    [sound of tools crashing]

  • Stroker Ace: [Punches Aubrey James] Take that, 12.

    Lugs HarveyPembrook Feeney: 10.

    Stroker Ace: Whatever.

  • Lugs Harvey: [Torkle has his hand on the car] Don't lean on the car. Nobody touches the car. Not EVER!

    [Arnold glares at him]

    Lugs Harvey: Except you! You can touch it any time you want!

  • Stroker Ace: Lugs, who's driving number 10?

    Lugs Harvey: What are you talkin' about? You ought to know who that is, it's Aubrey James. He's only been tryin' to kill you for two years!

  • Girl with Lugs: 22:43 Well, hello.

    Lugs Harvey: Hey...

    [pauses while he looks at her]

    Lugs Harvey: How are you, ma'am?

    Girl with Lugs: I don't know. How am I?

    Lugs Harvey: Oh, I'm not one of the drivers. I'm just a mechanic.

    Girl with Lugs: I like mechanics. They know how to tinker with things for hours. Make them go fast.

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