Ludo Quotes in Labyrinth (1986)


Ludo Quotes:

  • Didymus: Sir Ludo, canst thou summon up the very rocks?

    Ludo: Sure. Rocks friends.

  • Ludo: [in the mirror] Goodbye, Sarah.

    Didymus: And remember, fair maiden, should you need us...

    Hoggle: Yes, should you need us, for any reason at all...

    Sarah: I need you, Hoggle.

    Hoggle: You do?

    Sarah: [nods] I don't know why, but every now and again in my life - for no reason at all - I need you. All of you.

    Hoggle: You do? Well... WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?

    [she spins around and sees them all in her room, including the goblins. She hugs them all, and a huge party begins]

  • Ludo: SMELL BAD!

  • Left Door Knocker: It's very rude to stare!

    Sarah: Oh! I'm sorry, I was just wondering which door to choose.

    Left Door Knocker: HUH?

    Right Door Knocker: [muffled] It's no good asking him, he's deaf as a post!

    Left Door Knocker: Don't talk with your mouth full!

    Right Door Knocker: [muffled] I'm not talking with my mouth full, I...

    Sarah: Wait, wait, I can't understand you.

    [she takes the ring out of his mouth]

    Right Door Knocker: Ah! Mm. Oh, oh, it is so good to get that thing out.

    Sarah: What were you saying?

    Right Door Knocker: I said, it's no good talking to him, he's deaf as a post.

    Left Door Knocker: Mumble mumble mumble! You're a wonderful conversational companion!

    Right Door Knocker: You can talk, all you do is moan!

    Left Door Knocker: No good! Can't hear you!

    Sarah: What's behind these doors?

    Left Door Knocker: WHAT?

    Right Door Knocker: Search me. We're just the knockers!


    Sarah: Oh.

    [she goes to the left door, pushes on it]

    Sarah: How do I get through?

    Left Door Knocker: HUH?

    Right Door Knocker: Knock, and the door will open!

    Sarah: Oh.

    Ludo: [with the ring in his mouth] Hmmph?

    Sarah: [amused] Ludo!

    [she takes the ring from Ludo, holds it out to the Right Door Knocker]

    Right Door Knocker: Hey! I don't want that thing back in my mouth!

    Sarah: C'mon, I want to knock!

    Right Door Knocker: MM-MM!

  • Ludo: Don't worry ! A woman, it's 85% water ! Only water, I tell you...

  • Ludo: Yes, I've found a job. I'm working right now.

    Yann Kerbec: You're working right now ? Come on, what're you doing ?

    Ludo: I'm testing medications. Actually, I test an anti-alcohol patch.

    Yann Kerbec: While drinking wine ?

    Ludo: Yes... See, it doesn't work.

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