Lucy Gilbert (Kitty) Quotes in Topsy-Turvy (1999)


Lucy Gilbert (Kitty) Quotes:

  • Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): I do apologize, sir, that neither I nor Schwenck was here to welcome you on your arrival last night.

    Gilbert's Father: I do not appreciate being left upon the doorstep like a hawker!

    Gilbert: If you'll only take the trouble to press the electric bell, Father, you'll be admitted at once. Is that not so, Pidgeon?

    Pidgeon, Gilbert's Houseman: Indeed it is, sir.

    Gilbert's Father: I have no intention of placing my life in danger, sir!

    Gilbert: How many doorstep deaths have we had thus far, Pidgeon?

    Pidgeon, Gilbert's Houseman: None to my certain knowledge, sir.

    Gilbert: There you are, Father. The odds would appear to be in your favour.

  • Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): How's my wounded soldier?

    Mrs. Judd, Gilbert's Maid: He's not doing as he's told, madam.

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Oh, isn't he now? Willie, are you intending to visit the dentist tomorrow?

    Mrs. Judd, Gilbert's Maid: You really should try...

    Gilbert: [exploding] Oh, for God's sake, you pair of bloody harpies! Get out, I'm *working*!

  • [in a Japanese tea house]

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): My goodness! It's perfectly green.

    Gilbert: Spinach water.

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Oh, Willie.

    Gilbert: Thank you very much.

    Miss 'Sixpence Please': Shickerspen, preas.

    Gilbert: I beg your pardon?

    Miss 'Sixpence Please': Shickerspen, preas.

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Oh, she speaks English.

    Gilbert: What did she say?

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): She said, "Sixpence, please."

  • Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Schwenk speaks to The Savoy every morning in code, father-in-law. Just in case the telephone operator should be eavesdropping.

    Gilbert's Father: One might as well open the window and shout down the street.

  • Gilbert: I have other things on my mind, you know that.

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Yes, I do know that, Willie, and I understand, but a little distraction will do you good.

    Gilbert: Kitty, I don't want to be distracted.

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Yes, you do.

    Gilbert: Oh, do I? You know my mind better than I do, do you?

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): I know you better than you think I do, Willie.

  • Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): I should rather like to be an actor, upon the stage.

    Gilbert: An actor?

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Yes. Wouldn't it be wondrous if perfectly commonplace people gave each other a round of applause at the end of the day?

    [she claps enthusiastically]

    Lucy Gilbert (Kitty): Well done, Kitty! Well done!

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