Lt. Parker Barnes Quotes in Virtuosity (1995)


Lt. Parker Barnes Quotes:

  • Lt. Parker Barnes: Game Over.

  • Lt. Parker Barnes: Where's My Gun?

  • Lt. Parker Barnes: Reach in the back seat and hand me that crowd-pleaser.

  • Karin Carter: Do you think my mom is pretty?

    Lt. Parker Barnes: Uh... yes I think she's very pretty

    Karin Carter: So do I...

    [looks at the gun]

    Karin Carter: is that a real gun?

    Lt. Parker Barnes: Yes it is

    Karin Carter: Did you have to shoot anybody?

  • Madison Carter: [to Lt. Parker Barnes] What'd I missed?

    Lt. Parker Barnes: Sid got hostages

  • [first lines]

    John Donovan: Oh, man. I can't get over how different we look.

    Lt. Parker Barnes: Maybe it's the uniforms?

    [they suddenly run off in pursuit]

  • Madison Carter: People don't usually die in games.

    Lt. Parker Barnes: Depends upon your idea of fun, doesn't it?

  • [last lines]

    Lt. Parker Barnes: It's working.

    Madison Carter: It's Working? We're okay?

    Lt. Parker Barnes: We're okay.

    Karin Carter: We're okay?

    Madison Carter: Oh, my God.

    SID 6.7: [still auto-repeating on the little monitor] "Uh, uh, uh. I thought of that one, too."

    Karin Carter: [emerging] Mommy!

    Madison Carter: [embracing] Baby! Oh, baby.

    Madison Carter: [to Barnes] Thank you.

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