Lt. Nyota Uhura Quotes in Star Trek (2009)


Lt. Nyota Uhura Quotes:

  • Spock: [standing across Lt. Uhura before he and Kirk are about to be beamed onto the Romulan warship] I will be back.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [leaning in] You better be! I'll be monitoring your frequency.

    Spock: [actually quite emotional] Thank you, Nyota.

    James T. Kirk: [after Uhura leaves] So her first name's Nyota?

    Spock: I have no comment on the matter.

  • Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Well, congratulations, Jim. We've got no captain and no god-damned first officer to replace him.

    Kirk: Yeah, we do.

    [Kirk sits himself into the captain's chair]

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: What?

    Hikaru Sulu: Pike made him first officer.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: You gotta be kidding me!

    Kirk: Thanks for the support.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: I sure hope you know what you're doing...

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [sarcastically] ... CAPTAIN.

    Kirk: So do I.

  • Lt. Nyota Uhura: [During the Kobayashi Maru test] We are receiving a distress signal from the U.S.S. Kobayashi Maru. The ship has lost power and is stranded. Starfleet Command has ordered us to rescue them.

    James T. Kirk: [clearly enjoying himself] "Starfleet Command has ordered us to rescue them... CAPTAIN."

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: [rolls his eyes] Two Klingon vessels have entered the Neutral Zone and are locking weapons on us.

    James T. Kirk: [Smugly] That's okay.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: "That's okay?"

    James T. Kirk: Yeah, don't worry about it.

    Test Administrator: Did he say "Don't worry about it?"

    Test Administrator: Is he not taking the simulation seriously?

  • Lt. Nyota Uhura: [Having just learned that she is assigned to the Farragut] Commander, a word?

    Spock: Yes, Lieutenant?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Was I not one of your top students?

    Spock: Indeed you were.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [the scene cuts to another location, where Uhura is still hounding Spock] And did I not, on multiple occasions, demonstrate an exceptional aural sensitivity, and I quote, "an unparalleled ability to identify sonic anomalies in subspace transmissions tests?"

    Spock: Consistently, yes.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: And while you are well aware of my own qualified desires to serve on the U.S.S. Enterprise, I'm assigned to the Farragut?

    Spock: It was an attempt to...

    [he glances around, keeping his voice low]

    Spock: ...avoid the appearance of favoritism.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [Adamantly] No. I'm assigned to the Enterprise.

    Spock: [He adjusts his roster list] Yes, I believe you are.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Thank you.

  • [Kirk rushes onto the bridge, urging the ship to stop. Three-way arguing ensues between him, Spock, and Pike]

    Spock: I can remove the cadet...

    James T. Kirk: Try it!

    Christopher Pike: Kirk!

    James T. Kirk: This cadet is trying to save the bridge!

    Spock: By recommending a full stop, mid-warp, during a rescue mission?

    James T. Kirk: It's not a rescue mission. Listen to me, it's an attack!

    Spock: Based on what facts?

    James T. Kirk: That same anomaly, a "lightning storm in space" that we saw today, also occurred on the day of my birth, shortly before a Romulan ship attacked the U.S.S. Kelvin. You know that, sir, I read your dissertation. That ship, which had formidable and advanced weaponry, was never seen or heard from again. The Kelvin attack took place at the edge of Klingon space, and at 2300 hours last night, there was an attack: forty-seven Klingon warbirds destroyed by Romulans, sir, and it was reported that the Romulans were in one ship, one massive ship.

    Christopher Pike: And you know of this Klingon attack how?

    [Kirk glances at Uhura]

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Sir, I intercepted and translated the message myself. Kirk's report is accurate.

    James T. Kirk: We're warping into a trap, sir. The Romulans are waiting for us, I promise you that.

    [Unsettled, Pike looks at Spock]

    Spock: The cadet's logic is sound. And Lt. Uhura is unmatched in xenolinguistics, we would be wise to accept her conclusion.

  • Lt. Nyota Uhura: I'm impressed. For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.

    James T. Kirk: Well, not only.

    Burly Cadet #1: This townie isn't bothering you, right?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Oh, beyond belief, but it's nothing I can't handle.

    James T. Kirk: You could handle me, if that's an invitation.

    Burly Cadet #1: Hey, you better mind your manners.

    James T. Kirk: Oh relax, cupcake, it was a joke.

    Burly Cadet #1: Hey, farm-boy, maybe you can't count, but there are four of us and one of you.

    James T. Kirk: So go get some more guys and then it'll be an even fight.

  • Kirk: [highly agitated and suffering side effects from McCoy hypospray] Uhura! Uhura!

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Kirk? What are you doing here?

    Kirk: The transmission from the Klingon prison planet. What exactly...

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Oh, my God, what's wrong with your hands?

    Kirk: [waves off the question with his bloated hands] I-i-it's... Look, who is responsible for the attack...

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: What?

    Kirk: ...and was the ship walullaa?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: And was the ship... WHAT?

    Kirk: [to McCoy] Whass happening to my mouth?

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: You got numb-tongue?

    Kirk: NUM-TUNG?

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: I can fix that!

    [hurries off to find another hypospray]

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Was the ship what?

    Kirk: Womulan!

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: What? I...

    Kirk: WOMULAN!

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Romulan?

    Kirk: Yeah!

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Yes!

    Kirk: Yes?

    [Bones injects him with another hypospray]

    Kirk: ACK! ACK!

    [trying to say 'stop it']

    Kirk: STAHHMIT!

  • Lt. Nyota Uhura: Gaila, who is he?

    Gaila: Who's who?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: The mouth-breather hiding under your bed?

    James T. Kirk: [comes out from under Gaila's bed] You can hear me breathing?

  • Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Three more Klingon warbirds decloaking and targeting our ship. I don't suppose this is a problem either.

    Simulator Tactical Officer: They're firing, Captain.

    James T. Kirk: Alert Medical Bay to prepare to receive ALL crew members from the damaged ship.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: And how do you expect us to rescue them when we're surrounded by Klingons, Captain?

    James T. Kirk: [not taking anything or anyone seriously] Alert Medical

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Our ship's being hit. Shields at sixty percent.

    James T. Kirk: [nonchalantly] I understand.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: [exasperated] Well, should we - I dunno - fire back?

    James T. Kirk: [pulls an apple out of nowhere and starts munching] No.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Of COURSE not.

    [the entire simulation suddenly shuts down, then starts back up]

    Test Administrator: What is this? What's going on?

    James T. Kirk: Hm. Arm photons. Prepare to fire on the Klingon warbirds.

    Simulator Tactical Officer: Yessir.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Jim, their shields are still up!

    James T. Kirk: Are they?

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: [checks again] No... They're not.

    James T. Kirk: Fire on all enemy ships. One photon each should do. Let's not waste ammunition.

    Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Target locked and acquired on all warbirds. Firing.

    [the simulation shows the birds being destroyed one by one]

    Simulator Tactical Officer: All ships destroyed, Captain.

    James T. Kirk: Begin rescue of the stranded crew.

    James T. Kirk: [grandstanding his victory] So! We've managed to eliminate all enemy ships, no one on board was injured AND the successful rescue of the Kobayashi Maru crew is... underway.

    [takes a large bite out of his apple]

  • Kirk: Make that two. Her shot's on me.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Her shot's on her.

    [Turns to Kirk]

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Thanks but no thanks.

    Kirk: Don't you at least wanna know my name before you completely reject me?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: I'm fine without it.

    Kirk: You ARE fine without it. It's Jim, Jim Kirk.

    [Waits for Uhura to introduce herself, and gets no reply]

    Kirk: If you don't tell me your name I'm gonna have to make one up.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [Reluctantly] It's Uhura.

    Kirk: Uhura? No way! That's the name I was gonna make up for you! Uhura what?...

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Just Uhura.

    Kirk: They don't have last names in your world?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Uhura is my last name.

    Kirk: Then they don't have... uh first names in your world?

    [Uhura smiles]

  • Christopher Pike: Scan Vulcan space, look for any transmissions in Romulan.

    Enterprise Communiations Officer: Sir, I'm not sure I can distinguish the Romulan language from Vulcan...

    Christopher Pike: What about you? You speak Romulan, Cadet...?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Uhura. All three dialects, sir.

    Christopher Pike: Uhura, relieve the Lieutenant.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [taken aback, then] Yes, sir.

  • Lt. Nyota Uhura: [to Spock, after the destruction of Vulcan] I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.

    [She kisses him along his face and hugs him; after a short hesitation, he hugs her back and leans into her]

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: What do you need? Tell me.

    [Uhura takes his face into her hands]

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: Tell me.

    Spock: [fighting for control] I need everyone to continue performing admirably.

    [pushes the elevator button to continue]

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [tears in her eyes, nods] Okay.

    [She kisses him and he kisses her back and when the elevator doors open and leaves her behind without a backward glance]

  • Spock: We must gather with the rest of Starfleet... to balance the terms of the next engagement!

    James T. Kirk: There won't BE a next engagement! By the time we've "gathered," it'll be too late! But you say he's from the future - knows what's gonna happen? - then the logical thing is to be unpredictable!

    Spock: You're assuming that Nero knows how events are predicted to unfold. The contrary, Nero's very presence has altered the flow of history, beginning with the attack on the U.S.S. Kelvin, culminating in the events of today, thereby creating an entire new chain of incidents that cannot be anticipated by either party.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: An alternate reality.

    Spock: Precisely. Whatever our lives might have been, if the time continuum was disrupted, our destinies have changed.

  • Lt. Nyota Uhura: [catches Kirk hiding under her roommate's bed] You!

    James T. Kirk: [scheduled to take the Kobayashi Maru test the next day] Big day tomorrow.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [throws his clothes at him] You're gonna fail.

    James T. Kirk: Gaila, see you around.

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: [hustling him to the door] Get out!

    James T. Kirk: If I pass, will you tell me your first name?

    Lt. Nyota Uhura: NO! Good night!

    James T. Kirk: I think the fact that you picked up a transmission is *very* interesting...

    [She shuts the door in his face]

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