Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura Quotes in King Kong Escapes (1967)


Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura Quotes:

  • [Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura and Lt. Susan Watson are being held in a freezing cell by Dr. Who because they wouldn't help him manipulate King Kong]

    Dr. Who: Why should you endure this when it's not necessary? Nelson cannot aid you any longer, he's been cancelled.

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: You dog!

    [Dr. Who points gun at him]

    Dr. Who: I am a realist and I need you, so I'm going to be generous. I'm going to let you go without a bit of trouble, and with lots of cash. You just have to do one thing for me.

    [Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura and Lt. Susan Watson refuse]

    Dr. Who: You think I wouldn't kill you? I could and I would.

  • Lieutenant Susan Watson: Well, I don't see how you could be amused by gorillas. I think they're dull.

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Well this one's sixty feet tall. What do you think of him?

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: Sixty feet?

    Commander Carl Nelson: That's right. This is Kong, the strongest living creature on Earth.

  • [last lines]

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: Kong! Kong! King Kong!

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Don't call.

    Commander Carl Nelson: Yeah, let him go.

    Lieutenant Susan Watson: But he's going.

    Commander Carl Nelson: He's going home. I think he's had enough of what we call civilization.

  • Dr. Who: Can Kong stay in the water a long time?

    Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Yes, he can swim a little. More than you can.

  • Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: I don't know. Do you really think we could locate Kong?

    Commander Carl Nelson: I'm sure we'll find him... as long as they haven't taken him to the North Pole.


    Commander Carl Nelson: [Kong is shown imprisoned at the North Pole]

  • Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura: Wish we could have talked to the old one sooner.

    Commander Carl Nelson: He told us enough. I've an idea who the kidnapper is. It must be my old friend, that international Judas, Dr. Who.

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