Lt. Bennie Macko Quotes in Hollywood Homicide (2003)


Lt. Bennie Macko Quotes:

  • Joe Gavilan: I got more time in the third-floor crapper than you do on the job, pal. You can't open my locker without a search warrant. I know my rights.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: Well, I appreciate a man who knows his rights.

    [Hands Joe the search warrant]

    Lt. Bennie Macko: There you go.

  • Lt. Bennie Macko: I've got arrest warrants for Gavlian and Calden right here. Hey, separate them! I don't want them talking to anybody! Nobody talks to them until they get downtown. Christ! Shit!

    Leon: Shut up and turn around, Bennie!

    Lt. Bennie Macko: What?

    Leon: Cuff his ass and take him downtown.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: What are you talking about?

    [a couple of LAPD cops grab Bennie and arrest him]

    Lt. Bennie Macko: [argrly] Get your hands off me, you son-of-a-bitch. You're making a big mistake, pal. You can kiss your career goodbye!

    Leon: Good.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: [to Detective Zino] Call my lawyer!

  • [inside Lieutenant Macko's office discussing about Gavlian]

    I.A. Detective Zino: Here's what we got on Gavilan so far: First of all, he's still seeing Cleo Ricard. In fact, he saw her earlier today.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: God, he does this right in my face. He's just completely defiant.

    I.A. Detective Jackson: Yeah, well he's clearly continuing to work her as an informant.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: Yeah, I know. That's enough to relieve him of duty right there, but, you know, I don't want him relieved of duty. I want him to hang.

    I.A. Detective Zino: Well his financials don't add up. He's paying off three ex-wives. He's got two kids.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: He's got two kids in a fancy college. He's got a great, big house. He's got that big stupid car, you know? What about his Real-Estate thing?

    I.A. Detective Zino: Well, he hasn't made a sale in ages.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: Well, my source tells me he's getting money from somewhere to keep it afloat, so get me more surveillance.

    I.A. Detective Zino: Okay.

    I.A. Detective Jackson: All righty.

  • Lt. Bennie Macko: Here we go... Joe.

  • [Detectives Zino and Jackson showing pictures of Gavilan]

    I.A. Detective Zino: That's Gavilan with Marty Wheeler, attorney for the music business, gambling industry. Sleazeball. You know him.

    I.A. Detective Jackson: [hands another picture to Bennie] Here's Gavilan drinking on duty. We got photos, date, time stamped.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: [turning bored] Yeah, okay, this is not criminal. I need criminal shit.

    I.A. Detective Zino: Well, boss, this may not be criminal shit, but, um...

    [Det. Jackson hands photos of Bennie ex-wife, Ruby; Bennie chuckles, then turns cross]

    Lt. Bennie Macko: What is this?

  • [inside Lt. Macko's office]

    Joe Gavilan: Commingling funds, huh? That's my crime? Commingling? Guilty. My alimony number one comes from money commingled with my beer money. My refinanced car commingled with the short-term loan to keep the second mortgage paid off, commingled with my alimony number three, commingled with every goddamn dime I've got tied up in my Mt. Olympus property. My whole life's commingled.

    Lt. Bennie Macko: We'll, I glad you brought up the property on Mt. Olympus. You're attemping to sell it without disclosing you also own it.

    Joe Gavilan: This isn't about real estate, is it, Bennie?

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