Lt. A.K. Waters Quotes in Tears of the Sun (2003)


Lt. A.K. Waters Quotes:

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: [to Arthur, after Okeze's death] Listen to me! This man is dead. If you don't want his death to be meaningless, it's time for you to become a fuckin' man and get your people into Cameroon! Now cowboy the fuck up! Got it?

  • Ellis 'Zee' Pettigrew: LT! Rules of Engagement!

    Lt. A.K. Waters: We're already engaged.

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: Here's the deal: it's been strongly suggested that we turn over Arthur and abandon these refugees out here in the bush. I'll tell you right now: I'm not gonna do that. Can't do that. Broke my own rule - started to give a fuck. And brought you guys along with me. We're about to walk into some serious shit. Before we do, I just like to hear what you guys have to say about it. That's all. Speak freely.

    Kelly Lake: My opinion, Sir: we cut our losses. This isn't our fuckin' war. As far as me being in or out, you know the answer to that.

    Danny 'Doc' Kelley: Let's get these people to safety. Let's finish the job.

    Demetrius 'Silk' Owens: I can't leave 'em, Sir.

    Jason 'Flea' Mabry: I'm good to go.

    Lt. A.K. Waters: What 'bout you, Red?

    James 'Red' Atkins: I can't look at 'em like packages anymore. I'm gonna get 'em out or I'm gonna die tryin'.

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: I broke my own rule. I started to give a fuck... and I brought you guys along with me.

  • Ellis 'Zee' Pettigrew: Those Africans are my people too. For all the years that we have been told to stand down and stand by, you doin' the right thing.

    Lt. A.K. Waters: For our sins.

    Ellis 'Zee' Pettigrew: Hooyah.

    Lt. A.K. Waters: Hooyah.

  • Arthur Azuka: [Okeze has just been shot] Okeze OKEZE

    Lt. A.K. Waters: [Grabs Arthur] HEY HE DIED FOR YOU, SO YOU HAVE TO LIVE GOT IT!

  • Father Gianni: Go with God!

    Lt. A.K. Waters: God already left Africa.

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: What've you got?

    Kelly Lake: Ringside seats to an ethnic cleansing.

  • Ellis 'Zee' Pettigrew: What are you doin'? New mission?

    Lt. A.K. Waters: No. Same mission.

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: Sir, you know as well as I do what's going to happen to him if I leave him out here. There's not going to be a trial. There's not going to be a jury. There gonna take him outside the courthouse and put two in his head.

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: Hold the line!

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: Now cowboy the fuck up!

  • Gideon: [On why he betrayed them] They have my family they will kill them if I don't help them.


    Gideon: I'm not a killer like them

    Lt. A.K. Waters: [sneers] Fuck your not!

    [coldly on Gideon]

    Lt. A.K. Waters: Let him bleed out!

    Gideon: [to Lena as he dies] What's going to happen to my family?

  • Arthur Azuka: [as Lt. is about to shoot some of the refugees to get some answers] Please please, there is no need for this please... please

    Lt. A.K. Waters: Now you've got something to say to me... don't ya?

    Arthur Azuka: My name is Arthur Azuka... I am the only son of President Samuel Azuka... please don't blame them... please, I'm sorry to misled you but they're are enemies everywhere and that is why your being pursued

    Lt. A.K. Waters: Our report said the entire presidential family was executed

    Arthur Azuka: [snorts] You're 'Report' were incorrect

  • Lt. A.K. Waters: Who knows what this is?

    [Showing the refugees a GPS transmitter]

    Lt. A.K. Waters: anymore of these here? why would anyone want to transmit our position to over 300 Nigerian soldiers who ran all night to get to an hour and a half to where we are now,

    [pulls out his gun]

    Lt. A.K. Waters: , someone's going to tell me, somebody's going to start talking right now, because if they don't tell me what I want to know by the time I count to five, I'm going to kill someone else

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