Lotsa Heart Elephant Quotes in The Care Bears Movie (1985)


Lotsa Heart Elephant Quotes:

  • Lotsa Heart Elephant: I think things will get a lot easier now that we're together, Brave Heart.

    Brave Heart Lion: I couldn't agree with you more, Lotsa Heart. Soon, you'll be out of the Forest of Feelings, then your journey will really begin.

    Jason: You're not coming with us?

    Brave Heart Lion: Well... yes... if you think we could help.

    Tender Heart Bear: Glad to have you along. We can use all the help we can get!

    Brave Heart Lion: Well, in that case...


    Lotsa Heart Elephant: [trumpets]

    Brave Heart Lion: We're calling for the Loyal Hearts where ever they may be!

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: We're calling for the Proud Hearts to come and follow me!

    Brave Heart Lion: We're calling for the Gentle Hearts to keep us company!

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: And it would be a Treat Heart if you would follow me!

    Lotsa Heart ElephantBrave Heart Lion: [singing] 'Cuz there's a job to be done, we're gonna need everyone / because nobody can do it alone. / We'll need the swift and the small, we'll need the strong and the tall / 'cuz everyone has a strength of their own. / And when you put it all together, / Then there's a power no one can deny. / It's the power to share, it's the power to care / 'cuz when you care, you're not afraid to try!

  • Champ Bear: Hey, you're a lot smaller than you sound.

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: It's true that I'm not big, but it's amazing what you can do if you really put your heart into it.


    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Sometimes, I even startle myself.

  • Tender Heart Bear: Lotsa Heart, do you think this river might lead us down to Earth?

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Well, it has to go somewhere.

  • [trapped in a cave]

    Tender Heart Bear: I can't see a thing.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: [appears] Steer to the left!

    Tender Heart Bear: Who said that?

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Not me.

    Funshine Bear: Neither did I.

    Cozy Heart Penguin: Wasn't me.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: It was me! I said it!

    Tender Heart Bear: Who are you?

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Don't ask questions - steer left, quick!

    Tender Heart Bear: Hang on, everyone.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: Whew! That was close - you almost smashed right into that big rock!

    Funshine Bear: Look, I see light up ahead.

    [the ship comes into the light again]

    Tender Heart Bear: A raccoon? No wonder you could see in the dark.

    Lotsa Heart Elephant: Not just a raccoon - Bright Heart Raccoon.

    Bright Heart Raccoon: I can usually see my way through anything.

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