Lorne Lutch Quotes in Thank You for Smoking (2005)


Lorne Lutch Quotes:

  • Lorne Lutch: [to Nick] I didn't even smoke Marlboros. I smoked Kools.

  • Lorne Lutch: [in his home] You look like a nice enough fella. What are you doing working for these assholes?

    Nick Naylor: I'm good at it. Better at doing this than I ever was at doing anything else.

    Lorne Lutch: Aw, hell, son. I was good at shooting VC. I didn't make it my career.

  • Lorne Lutch: [in his home] Weren't you on that show?

    Nick Naylor: Yeah it was me

    Lorne Lutch: You're lucky you made it out of there alive

    Nick Naylor: Tobacco used to be all over the television, now TV's leading the witch hunt.

    Lorne Lutch: Strange business, last year when after I was diagnosed I attended the annual stock holder's convention I stood up and told them I think they should cut back on their advertising you know what your boss said to me? He said "we're certainly sorry to hear about your medical problem until we know more about your medical history we can't comment further", then they tried to pretend I never worked for them, I got the pay stubs hell, I was on the damn bill boards I suppose we all got to pay the mortgage so you're here to talk me into shutting up?

    Nick Naylor: Yeah basically, no not "basically" that's exactly it

    Lorne Lutch: My dignity isn't for sale

    Nick Naylor: It's not an offer, it's a gift the taxes have all been paid you get to keep it no matter what you do, the idea is your guilt will prevent you from bad mouthing us

    Lorne Lutch: Are you supposed to be telling me all that?

    Nick Naylor: No sir, just apologize give you the money and leave

    Lorne Lutch: Why are you telling me this?

    Nick Naylor: Because this way you'll take the money

    Lorne Lutch: Why would I do that?

    Nick Naylor: Because you're mad

    Lorne Lutch: Damn straight I am

    Lorne Lutch: [Referring to the money] what am I going to do with it?

    Nick Naylor: Donate it, yeah start the Lower Less Cancer Foundation

    Lorne Lutch: Wait a minute, what about my family?

    Nick Naylor: You can't keep the money

    Lorne Lutch: Why the hell not?

    Nick Naylor: Denounce us and keep the blood money?

    Lorne Lutch: I've got to think this over

    Nick Naylor: News doesn't work that way you can't denounce us next week

    Lorne Lutch: I don't suppose I can denounce you for half of it

    Nick Naylor: No, you either keep all the money or give it all away

  • Lorne Lutch: [Narrating a section of Heather's article] this did not stop Nick from bribing a dying man with a suit case full of cash to keep quiet about his recent lung cancer diagnosis.

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