Loretta Quotes in A Scandal in Paris (1946)


Loretta Quotes:

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: There's no fool so dangerous as a fool with brains.

    Loretta: Except a woman so foolish as to fall in love.

  • Loretta: Really, I... I should call the police.

    Eugéne François Vidocq: Don't call them until I've bought you another hat.

    Loretta: Another?... another hat? Well, I admit I'm not so rich that I can afford to throw them in the gutter. Hats don't grow on trees, you know!

    Eugéne François Vidocq: I know that some of the latest fashions look as if they did.

  • Loretta: [to Vidocq] I must say you commit your crimes a la mode.

  • Loretta: I don't even know you.

    Johnny Hooker: You know me. I'm the same as you. It's two in the morning and I don't know nobody.

  • Johnny Hooker: Hey, where's June?

    Loretta: She quit. I'm filling in for a couple of days, till I can get a train outta here.

    Johnny Hooker: Yeah? Where ya going?

    Loretta: I don't know. Depends on which train I get on.

  • Loretta: Can one of you boys give me a ride home?

    Annette Atkins: Don't fall for it. She lives two trailers down.

    Loretta: So? Be real easy.

    Annette Atkins: [pushing her out the door] Go on home, Loretta. Come on. Go on, go on the party's over.

  • Amber Atkins: My mom never hid the fact that my dad chose his career over us. What was it she always said?

    Loretta: Once a carnie, always a carnie.

    Amber Atkins: Mom still cries every time she sees a tilt-a-whirl or a fat lady in a tube top.

  • Candy Striper: Hello Miss Sad Pants, and her friend, Serious Sally! How about a nice cool mint to help turn those frowns upside down?

    Loretta: Do you think a nice cool mint would help if I shoved your head up your ass?

  • Amber Atkins: Loretta, never have kids.

    Loretta: Oh, honey, God bless ya for thinking I still could.

  • Amber Atkins: [as Annette is being driven away in an ambulance] Mom! I'll be right behind you in the hearse!

    Loretta: Don't let that worry you Annette!

  • Loretta: Are we on 'Cops' again?

  • Amber Atkins: [Running onto the scene of her and her mom's blown up trailer home] Mom? MOM?

    Fireman: Whoa, whoa, whoa... you family?

    Loretta: No, she's just yelling, "Mom, mom," because she has Tourettes! She's Annette's kid dipshit.

  • Loretta: Why do I think Becky'll win? You're talking about the richest family in a small town. It's front page news when one of them takes a shit.

  • Loretta: What is wrong with you?

    Amber Atkins: I don't know. I just didn't wanna win like this.

    Loretta: You stop right there. You are a good person. Good things happen to good people.

    Amber Atkins: Really?

    Loretta: No. It's pure bullshit, sweetie. You're lucky as hell, so you might as well enjoy it.

    Amber Atkins: Okay.

    Loretta: Do you guys want some shots? I'm buyin'!

  • Loretta: Say, you boys been to the Leemans'?

    Annette Atkins: Shut it, Loretta.

    Loretta: If ya have, you got all the pictures of the winner you need.

    Annette Atkins: [giving her hair a yank] Shut up, Loretta.

    Loretta: Let's just say who should win, who deserves to win, is Amber.

    Annette Atkins: Who don't you just pin a big old target on your ass?

    Loretta: She's the prettiest, ya know. Best damn tapper. The most smartest.

    Annette Atkins: Most smartest? Oh, that's great, you're real educated. Most smartest! Get a picture of that, most smartest!

    Loretta: Most smartest.

  • Amber Atkins: [shaken after seeing her mom in the hospital] Ummm. I'm quitting the pagent.

    Loretta: [grabbing and shaking Amber] You're WHAT?

    Amber Atkins: I'm quitting the...

    Loretta: I heard you! I was just trying to get you to change your mind. Amber, the woman clung to your tap shoes while she was flying through the air like a goddamn lawn dart!

  • Annette Atkins: I wish my mom was here.

    Loretta: You can wave Hi, Annette you hear that?

    [Amber waves at the camera]

    Amber Atkins: Hi, Monkey.

    [Annette waves up to the TV]

    Loretta: I got some

    [she starts laughing]

    Amber Atkins: [Annette laughs again and sticks her thumb up at the TV]

  • Gladys Leeman: [wearing her old pageant outfit] And can you believe it, they still fit!

    Loretta: She had a big ass then, she's got a big ass now.

  • [all the contestants are vomiting]

    Loretta: [to her lover] Did they hear us?

  • Loretta: [referencing a pageant dress] Your ma did want you to have this, though, since your other one got toasted an all.

    Amber Atkins: Oh, my God! It's just like Diane Sawyer's!

    Loretta: Yah?

    Amber Atkins: Oh! Of course it's not a size 10. Diane was little hippy then.

    Loretta: Not our girl.

    Amber Atkins: Oh, no.

  • Female Reporter #2: Amber, how do you feel?

    Amber Atkins: Well, I feel like I need to take a shower.

    [everyone laughs]

    Female Reporter #2: Honey, is this the best day of your life?

    Amber Atkins: Yeah... I wish my mom was here, though.

    Loretta: You can wave hi, say hi to her!

    Amber Atkins: Hi mom!

    Loretta: Hey!

    [they both wave to the camera]

    Annette Atkins: [sitting in her hospital room] Hi, monkey!

    Loretta: I got some!

  • Voice of Documentarian: What makes you so sure that Becky's gonna win?

    Loretta: Why do I think she'll win? You're talking about-

    [to Annette]

    Loretta: Ow, don't pinch! You're talking about the most famous family in Mount Rose. Its front page news when one of them takes a shit!

  • Beatrice: Hello, Loretta.

    Loretta: Hello.

    [keeps walking past]

    Beatrice: [to Noxeema] Alcoholic. Low self-esteem. Why, her daddy used to call her "baby ugly." She took to the bottle just as soon as she could drink.

  • Merna: Vaya con dios, Miss Chi-Chi.

    Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez: You ruin my language and I still love you.

    Loretta: These all grow wild around here.

    Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez: You all grow wild around here. This reminds me of the story of Princess Laritza in 'Revenge of the Wench'. Seem everyone was giving her flowers because they thought she was dead, right? But she had taken this magical concoction...

    Loretta: Well, anyway, bye-bye.

    Merna: Bye.

    Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez: Bye.

  • Wally Fields: What would I have to give you for one little kiss?

    Loretta: Chloroform.

  • Lola Burns: Hey, I didn't give you that for a negligee, it's an evening wrap!

    Loretta: I know, Miss Lola, but the negligee what you give me got all tore up, night before last.

    Lola Burns: Your day off is sure brutal on your lingerie.

  • Mac: Can't you get in time enough to put on your uniform?

    Loretta: Don't scald me wit' your steam, woman, I knows where the bodies buried.

  • Lola Burns: Loretta, call a cab!

    Loretta: Yes 'em.

  • Loretta: Honey, that's bad business, cop killing.

    Vic Brady: So what? They bleed like anybody else. Now stop gibbering! I gotta think!

  • Squirrel: Hi Loretta.

    Loretta: Hi Squirrel, listen don't be so depressed about choir today you bein' so terrible in all. First time's always bad. You won't be so quite terrible next week you'll see.

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