Lord Zedd Quotes in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)


Lord Zedd Quotes:

  • Rita Repulsa: Well, if it isn't that double-dealing dough head.

    Lord Zedd: I hope those Rangers put that lousy lowlife out of my misery.

    Rita RepulsaLord Zedd: Go, Rangers! Go, Rangers! Go, Rangers!

  • Rita Repulsa: What? You spent 2,000 years looking for a tub of snot?

    Lord Zedd: Patience, motormouth. Watch.

    [the slime oozes out of the egg and morphs into Ivan Ooze]

    Ivan Ooze: Ladies and gentlemen, the Ooze is back!

    Rita Repulsa: He's so handsome.

    Ivan Ooze: Why, thank you.

  • Lord Zedd: Do you recall the name Zordon of Eltar?

    [In response, Ivan Ooze rears his head back and roars furiously, firing lightning bolts into the sky]

    Mordant: I think he's heard of him.

  • Rita Repulsa: You egg-sucking purple pinhead! The Rangers are going after the Great Power! I thought you said this guy was the master of disaster. He's nothing but a slime-infested jelly donut!

    [Ivan throws slime over Rita's mouth]

    Lord Zedd: Finally someone shut her up!

    Ivan Ooze: Your feebleness is staggering. You obviously need a vacation. I think circumstances force us to choose a new leader. And I pick... me!

    Lord Zedd: Who does this clown think he's dealing with?

    Ivan Ooze: The Boogeyman is taking over.

    Ivan Ooze: [sits on Zedd's throne]

    Lord Zedd: Nobody double-crosses Lord Zedd and lives!

    Lord Zedd: [zaps Ivan with his Z staff]

    Ivan Ooze: Oh, stop it! It tickles! My turn.

    Ivan Ooze: [shrinks Zedd and Rita into a snow-dome]

    Rita Repulsa: Way to go, bonehead!

    Lord Zedd: It's getting so you can't trust anyone in the galaxy.

  • Ivan Ooze: [to Goldar and Mordant] Now you have a choice. You either serve me, or you can join these insufferable dingle-dorks!

    [shows them Rita and Zedd inside the snow-dome]

    Lord Zedd: Goldar, get us out of here!

    Rita Repulsa: Don't you listen to that purple booger!

    Lord Zedd: Don't you dare betray me!

    Goldar: Uh, we never liked those dingle-dorks in the first place.

    Mordant: You said it. They stink.

  • Lord Zedd: I want you to destroy Zordon so that my evil once again remain supreme!

    Ivan Ooze: I will not only destroy him. I will obliterate his entire legacy. It will be as Zordon of Eltar never existed.

    Rita Repulsa: Finally, a *real* man.

  • Rita Repulsa: What do I care about some stupid egg?

    Lord Zedd: This is no ordinary egg.

    Rita Repulsa: Well, I say let's hard-boil the thing.

    Mordant: I'm with her. I'm hungry.

    Goldar: That's 'cause you're a pig.

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