Lord Edgar Dobbs Quotes in The Quest (1996)


Lord Edgar Dobbs Quotes:

  • Lord Edgar Dobbs: [to Maxie] I hope you'll enjoy Christmas in the Lost City.

  • Maxie Devine: [about the Chinese fighter] He's moving like an animal.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: More like a snake.

  • Christopher Dubois: [Dobbs and Harry were caught for an attempt to steal The Golden Dragon] What a mess!

    Harry Smythe: Oh, yeah?

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: I'm sorry, kid, we tried to run out. I guess that's a difference between us. I've never ever said I was sorry before. And I've never had a quest and it wasn't for me, not the one. I wasn't always a pirate, you know. Believe it or not, but for over 20 years I was a Jack Captain of Royal Navy. I raised the Union Jack's countries that you haven't even heard of. Fought in a great war and for what? For the glory of God? For British Empire? For his Majesty King? And when it was all over, what have I got left with? Well how, you win something, you lose something. Now you just watch your tail, son.

  • Harry Smythe: [Playing cards] Hey, Dobbs, what do you drink with tonic?

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Don't tell me.

    Harry Smythe: Gin!

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: I said don't tell me.

  • [repeated line]

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Trust me.

  • Lord Edgar Dobbs: Chris! We were looking for you, weren't we?

    Harry Smythe: Hmm, we were looking for you.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Good to see you again, my boy. You got a little muscle, now famous. I always said you'd make it, right?

    Harry Smythe: Hmm.

    Christopher Dubois: You owe me.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Yes, I do, Chris. And I always repay my debts. What do you want?

    Christopher Dubois: The Golden Dragon.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: The Golden what?

    Christopher Dubois: The Golden Dragon in the Lost City.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Lost City?

    Christopher Dubois: The best fighters will meet to compete in secret for the big dragon made of sun gold.

    Lord Edgar DobbsHarry Smythe: [together] Sun gold?

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: You think you can win?

    Christopher Dubois: [hesitating] No.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: [impressed] You're learning.

  • Harry Smythe: Man!Boss,these elephants are busting my rump.

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Stop it, Harry, we could've been in Cairo on camels.

  • Lord Edgar Dobbs: [Admiring The Golden Dragon] Harry, our little pension fund.

    Harry Smythe: Yeah. Hey, Boss, how come nobody's watching this thing?

    Lord Edgar Dobbs: Well, because they don't think anybody can lift it.

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