Lombardo Quotes in Happy Feet (2006)


Lombardo Quotes:

  • [watching the elephant seals]

    Lombardo: I don't think they are penguin eaters, are they?

    Ramón: I believe they are herbivores.

    Raul: Huh?

    Ramón: You know, kelp suckers!

  • Mumble: [about Lovelace] I'll just appeal to his better nature.

    Néstor: How you gonna do that?

    Raul: Cruel and unusual punishment?

    Rinaldo: Unimaginable torture?

    Ramón: Imaginable torture?

    Rinaldo: Your singing?

    RamónNéstorRaulLombardo: No!

  • Ramón: Big guy. Let me tell something to you. Come close. Don't be afraid. You want answers?

    Mumble: Yeah.

    Ramón: Thats all you need?

    Mumble: Yeah.

    Ramón: Nothing else?

    Mumble: No.

    Ramón: Then this is very easy. You go see Lovelace.

    RaulLombardoNéstorRinaldo: Yaaaah. Lovelace

    Raul: Genius Ramon.

    Ramón: Thank you

    Raul: You are the man.

    Ramón: I right now take a moment for myself. Bow down, bow down.

    [All Amigos bow to him]

    Raul: You the man, you the man.

    Ramón: Thats enough. I feel your love.

  • Mumble: There are things out there; things we don't understand.

    Raul: Mysteries!

    Lombardo: Mind-boggling mysteries!

    Rinaldo: Mystic beings!

  • Ramón: Go see Lovelace.

    Raul: He got the answer to everything.

    Lombardo: Everything.

    Mumble: Really?

    Ramón: Ask him, he never wrong. But first, you're gonna need a pebble.

  • Lombardo: How do you win the heart of the ladies?

    Mumble: We sing.

    Raul: You're kidding right?

  • Mumble: [singing] Find me, find me

    Raul: What's he doing?

    Mumble: [singing] Somebody.

    Lombardo: I think he's singing.

    Rinaldo: I know singing. That's not singing.

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