Lola Marcel Quotes in Way Out West (1937)


Lola Marcel Quotes:

  • Lola Marcel: It can't be. What did he die of?

    Stan: I think he died of a Tuesday, or was it a Wednesday?

  • Lola Marcel: [shows Finn the deed] Ha - *ha*!

    Mickey Finn: Ho - *ho*!

    Ollie: [grabs the deed] He - *he*!

  • Mickey Finn: Can you do it?

    Lola Marcel: [scoffs] Can I do it? For a gold mine, I could be Cleopatra!

  • Stan: [Ollie lays his clothes on the bed, Stan sits down] Say Ollie?

    Oliver: What?

    Stan: Now that you've got your clothes off, why don't you take a bath?,

    Oliver: Would you mind leaving the room? Can't I ever have a little privacy?

    Stan: I was just trying to kill two birds with one stone.

    Mickey Finn: [in the living room] And I'll take care of those two bozos and get them out of town.

    Lola Marcel: [Stan opens the door and overhears Lola talking to Mickey] Don't worry, leave everything to me. I've done pretty good up to now, haven't I?

    Stan: You certainly have, I wish you were in my shoes.

    Mickey Finn: Eh-hrm, oh how about a drink on the house?

    Oliver: That suits me fine.

    Stan: How'd you get dressed so quick?

    Oliver: None of your business.

    [Finn goes to open his front door]

    Oliver: Goodbye Miss Roberts, and thanks for the use of your boudoir.

    Lola Marcel: You're very welcome.

    Stan: Goodbye. Now that you've got the mine, I bet you'll be a swell gold-digger.

    [Ollie pushes Stan out the door as Finn leaves the room]

    Lola Marcel: [Lola examines the deed as Finn re-enters the room a moment later, hiding the deed behind her back] What did you leave them for?

    Mickey Finn: I'll send her right up, you have her sign that deed over to us.

    Lola Marcel: Oh, don't worry about me, get those guys out of town, and pronto!

    Mickey Finn: All right!

    [Finn goes down to the saloon]

    Lola Marcel: What a cinch!

  • Stan: [Ollie knocks on Mickey Finn's door] Who's there?

    Ollie: Me.

    Stan: Me, who?

    Ollie: [annoyed at Stan's response] "Me, who?"

    [Mickey Finn goes to the door, Ollie knocks on his head]

    Mickey Finn: Well - What do you want?

    Ollie: Out of my way, you snake in the grass!

    [Ollie brushes Finn aside]

    Stan: You toad in the hole.

    [Stan yanks Finn's necktie, Finn kicks Stan in retaliation]

    Lola Marcel: Say you slugs, what do you mean busting in here like this?

    Stan: We want to know why you are not Mary Roberts.

    Ollie: I'll take care of this matter.

    Lola Marcel: So you got wise, huh? Well, if it's this deed you're after, you're just out of luck.

    [Ollie grabs the deed from Lola, and a chase ensues]

    Lola Marcel: Give that back to me!

    Ollie: Take it, Stan!

    [Ollie pursues Mickey Finn]

    Ollie: Beat it!

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