Loco Dempsey Quotes in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)


Loco Dempsey Quotes:

  • Schatze Page: I can't shack up with a dame I've never met before and she's crazy too!

    Pola Debevoise: You don't have to. She'll come up and you'll see if you like her. If you don't...

    Schatze Page: Is she any help to this?

    Pola Debevoise: Let's see

    [over the phone to Loco]

    Pola Debevoise: Hey Loc, how much money you got?

    Loco Dempsey: [on the phone] I got a quarter.

    Pola Debevoise: Great. Pick up lunch on your way over.

    Loco Dempsey: Ok, how many.

    Pola Debevoise: Three

    Loco Dempsey: Ok, I'll be there in 15 minutes.

    [hangs up]

    Schatze Page: Well that's a big contribution to a million dollar proposition. One whole quarter!

    Pola Debevoise: Maybe, but she's awfully clever with a quarter.

  • Loco Dempsey: I wouldn't mind marrying a Vanderbilt?

    Pola Debevoise: Or Mr. Cadillac.

    Schatze Page: No such person. I checked.

    Loco Dempsey: Is there a Mr. Texaco?

  • Loco Dempsey: You don't think he's a little old?

    Schatze Page: Wealthy men are never old.

  • Schatze Page: You wanna catch a mouse, you set a mouse trap. All right so we set a bear trap. Now all we gotta do, is one of us has got to catch a bear.

    Loco Dempsey: You mean marry him?

    Schatze Page: If you don't marry him, you haven't caught him, he's caught you.

  • Loco Dempsey: I'll say this for him: we haven't ordered anything yet under five dollars a portion!

    Pola Debevoise: If there's anything left over don't forget to tell the waiter you want to take it home for the dog.

  • Loco Dempsey: Once you get one foot on the ground, you're really quite a jerk, aren't you?

  • Schatze Page: Next thing you got to remember is the gentlemen you meet on the cold cuts may not be as attractive as the one you meet in the mink department at Bergdorf's.

    Loco Dempsey: But he was cute, don't you think?

    Schatze Page: Sure he was. But then I never met one of those gas pump jockey that wasn't.

    Loco Dempsey: Is that what he is?

    Schatze Page: You bet your life he is. I know those guys. I married one once.

  • Loco Dempsey: You got radio all the way up here?

    Eben: Oh, sure. Radio, houses, everything.

  • Loco Dempsey: [dreamily] All my life ever since I was a little girl I've always had the same dream. To marry a zillionaire.

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