Lizzie Allen Quotes in The Bat Whispers (1930)


Lizzie Allen Quotes:

  • Lizzie Allen: [in terror] The Bat!

  • Cornelia van Gorder: Now what on Earth are you doing?

    Lizzie Allen: I'm setting a bear trap for the Bat, incase he decides to come flying around here.

    [throws a trap on a chain out the window]

    Lizzie Allen: And I've got the other end fastened to the bed.

  • Cornelia van Gorder: Who did that?

    The Caretaker: I don't know... this house gets on my nerves, they won't let me sleep.

    Lizzie Allen: Don't trust him, caretaker means servant... Bat!

    Cornelia van Gorder: Who won't let you sleep?

    The Caretaker: The ghosts... he slams doors, and there's no one there to slam them... he opens windows, and I can't see nothing... he rolls things down the stairs, and there's no one there to make them roll... that ain't all, he whispers to me, from behind the wall.

    [a loud scream is heard]

    The Caretaker: Listen, he's here again... stay here long enough, you'll see.

    Lizzie Allen: Let's go back to the city.

  • Lizzie Allen: That new gardener, I don't like his looks, suppose'n he's the Bat?

    Cornelia van Gorder: I know he's not a gardener, because uticaria is hives, rubeola is measles, and alopecia is baldness.

    Lizzie Allen: And knowing all this, you're going to let him stay here?

    Cornelia van Gorder: I will, until I find out why my niece brought him here.

  • Lizzie Allen: [after The Bat gets trapped in her bear trap outside] I caught The Bat! I caught The Bat! I caught The Bat! I caught The Bat!

  • Lizzie Allen: Aren't you going to take me up with you?

    Cornelia van Gorder: You're nothing but trouble on the ground floor, you'll be a nuisance on the roof.

    [goes up the stairs]

    Cornelia van Gorder: If I yell you come up!

    Detective Jones: Who, me?

    Cornelia van Gorder: Yes you!

  • Cornelia van Gorder: Get the Ouija board.

    Lizzie Allen: It's got the Bible on top of it, keeping it quiet.

  • Cornelia van Gorder: [reading newspaper headline] Mr. Fleming will be laid to rest in his family's tomb on Monday.

    Lizzie Allen: And I hope he stays there.

    Cornelia van Gorder: Well why shouldn't he?

    Lizzie Allen: This is his house, and ever since he died, some funny things have happened here.

    Cornelia van Gorder: For instance?

    Lizzie Allen: The housekeeper, the cook and the butler said that they heard strange noises at night, and the upstairs maid swore she met a man without a face coming up the back stairs.

    Cornelia van Gorder: Oh so that's why they quit and left me to run this place without a staff.

    Lizzie Allen: They didn't tell you, Miss Gordy, but the truth is they were scared to stay.

    Cornelia van Gorder: But you're still here, Lizzie! Haven't you seen anything?

    Lizzie Allen: No... no and even if I had, I ain't afraid of ghosts. They're afraid of me! Honest, Miss Gordy, a spiritualist once told me that ghosts was allergic to me.

    [Cornelia Van Gorder laughs]

    Lizzie Allen: But, but this bat fella they keep talking about in the paper - I - I think he'd be different.

    Cornelia van Gorder: No, I don't think you'd have the same effect on him.

    [thunder crashes]

    Cornelia van Gorder: Oh dear!

    Lizzie Allen: What are they trying to do, drive people away from this part of the country?

    Cornelia van Gorder: Why? What does it say about the Bat?

    Lizzie Allen: His specialty seems to be killing women, my goodness, two of them in one night, all his victims died the same way, like their throats had been ripped open with steel claws.

    Cornelia van Gorder: That's charming, I'll have to try it some time.

    [Lizzie stares at her weird]

    Cornelia van Gorder: In a book.

  • Lizzie Allen: [the wind is banging a shutter against the house] That ain't nothing, just something bumping against the house.

    [wind blows a door open and closed]

    Lizzie Allen: That's just the wind banging the door, pay no attention to it. Listen to this,

    [reads paper]

    Lizzie Allen: 'One of his victims who lived for a moment after she was found described the Bat as a man without a face'. Honestly, Miss Gordy, I think that woman was exaggerating.

    [a tapestry blows against an open window]

    Lizzie Allen: That's just the taphestry at the top of the stairs.

    Cornelia van Gorder: I know, I know, I've heard it before on a windy night.

    [taphestry clinks a shaking suit of armor]

    Cornelia van Gorder: That sounds as if someone were on the stairs, I know there isn't, at least there shouldn't be.

    Lizzie Allen: Them's just the noises you hear in any old house on a windy night.

    [reads the paper]

    Lizzie Allen: It says here that the Bat never leaves no fingerprints.

    Cornelia van Gorder: That's understandable, having no face he probably has no fingers either.

  • Cornelia van Gorder: [locking their door] Nothing should get us now, I think, this door seems good and solid.

    Lizzie Allen: Like the door to a tomb.

  • Cornelia van Gorder: Relax, relax Lizzie the police did a good job, they couldn't find anybody in here.

    Lizzie Allen: But we both saw him, Miss Cornelia!

    Cornelia van Gorder: Allright, allright, so he got away, but there are men on guard outside, so just try to get some rest, there's nothing that can get us in here.

    Lizzie Allen: Hmm...

  • Lizzie Allen: [knocking on the door] Hurry will you? It's Lizzie...

    [Jane Patterson opens her door]

    Lizzie Allen: I'm terribly worried, I can't find Miss Cornelia anywhere, and something's happened to the policeman, I don't know what...get Warner, bring him to the drawing room, tell him we need him!

  • Jane Patterson: Lizzie, Warner's not in his room, there's no sign of him anywhere!

    Detective Davenport: I was supposed to keep an eye on that guy.

    Lizzie Allen: Where's Miss Cornelia? That's what I want to know!

    Detective Davenport: Wait a minute, didn't you say the chain and the bolt were off on the front door?

    Lizzie Allen: I certainly did.

    Detective Davenport: Well Maybe Miss Van Gorder went outside.

    Lizzie Allen: Oh she never would, we better look.

  • Cornelia van Gorder: [on the phone] Yes will you connect me to Dr. Malcolm Wells' office please? ...No I don't know his number and I have no phone book up here but it's an emergency, will you connect me please?

    Lizzie Allen: Dear oh dear, I'm going to get the rabies!

    Woman: Hello?

    Cornelia van Gorder: Hello! Dr. Wells' Office?

    Woman: This is the call service. Dr. Wells is out at the moment but if you'll give me your name, I'll try to locate him.

    Cornelia van Gorder: Well this is Miss Van Gorder at the Oaks. My maid has just been bitten by a bat that may be rabid and she must have medical treatment as soon as possible. And I was told that Dr. Wells is the nearest physician.

    Woman: I'll try to locate him for you but if I can't, I'll send you another doctor.

    Cornelia van Gorder: Well thank you very much.

    [hangs up]

    Cornelia van Gorder: Oh he's out on a case! I hope it's not a delivery, a baby I mean they can be terribly complicated!

    Lizzie Allen: It never bothered me none.

    Cornelia van Gorder: Oh Lizzie, you never had a baby.

    Lizzie Allen: Of course I didn't, that's why it never bothered me!

  • Detective Moletti: What's your full name?

    Lizzie Allen: Lizzie Allen - whether I'm full or not.

  • Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: [the lights go out, calling up the stairs] LIZZIE!

    Lizzie Allen: [with a newspaper in her mouth, swinging a bear trap at the window. Miss Van Gorder comes in and she stops and takes the paper out of her mouth] I see by the paper that the Bat's in the neighborhood. I'm setting a bear trap for him.

  • Detective Moletti: How old are you?

    Lizzie Allen: Twenty-two.

    Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: She's forty!

  • Lizzie Allen: That Jap butler gives me the willies. The Flemings through him in with the lease, but I'd throw him OUT!

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