Liu Jian Quotes in Kiss of the Dragon (2001)


Liu Jian Quotes:

  • Richard: What did you do to me?

    Liu Jian: I put a needle in your neck.

    Richard: That's it?

    Liu Jian: In a certain point. Very forbidden. It's called the Kiss of the Dragon.

    Richard: Kiss my ass!

  • Liu Jian: I am a cop.

    Jessica: I am Santa Claus.

    Liu Jian: Who is Santa Claus?

  • Liu Jian: The blood from your whole body goes to your head... it stops there... never comes down. But soon, it will come out of your nose, your ears, and even your eyes... and then... you will die... painfully...

  • Jessica: How long did I sleep?

    Liu Jian: Only a minute.

  • Liu Jian: I don't sell shrimp chips.

  • [Richard with a gun to Isabel's head]

    Liu Jian: Wait! You're making a big mistake.

    Richard: Am I?

    Liu Jian: In the second it takes you to kill her, I will have all the time I need to kill you...

  • Jessica: I'm not your type, huh?

    Liu Jian: I don't have a type.

  • Uncle Tai: You play Mah-jongg?

    Liu Jian: A little.

    Uncle Tai: I love Mah-jongg. Keeps the mind sharp. It's hard to find good players around here. That's why I play by myself. This way, I always win.

  • Jessica: No, no, no, no needles.

    Liu Jian: No needles?, No

    [grabs a needle and uncuffs her]

    Jessica: Ow, how did you do that?

    Liu Jian: Chinese magic.

  • Liu Jian: I don't like to get bored.

    Richard: Me neither, but you turn out to be VERY boring.

  • Liu Jian: We need to get him to the hospital.

    Richard: [refering to the Chinese customer] He doesn't want to go to a hospital. He want to go to heaven.

    [Richard shoots the Chinese customer]

    Liu Jian: [shocked] Why did you kill him?

    Richard: The question is "Why did you kill him?" Thanks for the help, Johnny.

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