Littlefoot Quotes in The Land Before Time (1988)


Littlefoot Quotes:

  • Rooter: Hey. What's going on here?

    [Littlefoot cries]

    Rooter: What's your problem? You're not hurt.

    Littlefoot: It's not fair. She should have known better. That was a Sharptooth. It's all her fault.

    Rooter: All whose fault?

    Littlefoot: Mother's.

    Rooter: Oh... I see. I see.

    Littlefoot: I've never wandered so far from home!

    Rooter: Oh, it's not your fault. It's not your mother's fault. Now, you pay attention to old Rooter. It is nobody's fault. The great circle of life has begun. But see, not all of us arrive together at the end.

    Littlefoot: What'll I do? I miss her so much.

    Rooter: And you'll always miss her. But she'll always be with you, as long as you remember the things she taught you. In a way, you'll never be apart, for you are still part of each other.

    Littlefoot: My tummy hurts.

    Rooter: Well - that, too, will go away with time, little fella. Only in time.

  • Littlefoot's mother: Dear, sweet, Littlefoot, do you remember the way to the Great Valley?

    Littlefoot: I guess so. But why do I have to know if you're going to be with me?

    Littlefoot's mother: I'll be with you. Even if you can't see me.

    Littlefoot: What do you mean I can't see you? I can always see you.

  • Littlefoot: A tree star.

    Littlefoot's mother: It is very special. It will help you grow strong. Wherever you're going, there are so many of these leaves.

    [Littlefoot plays with the tree star]

    Littlefoot's mother: Come on.

    Grandfather: Ha, ha ha.

    Littlefoot's mother: The Great Valley is filled with green food like this. More than you can ever eat, and more fresh cool water than you can ever drink. It is a wonderful beautiful place where we can live happily with many more of our own kind.

    Littlefoot: Gee. When will we get there?

    Littlefoot's mother: The bright circle must pass over us many times, and we must follow it each day to where it touches the ground.

  • Littlefoot: Cera, it's you! What happened? Why are you so frightened?

    Cera: Frightened? Me?


    Cera: Why are you so frightened?

    Littlefoot: We're not frightened. Are we?

    Ducky: Nope, nope.

    Cera: Well, you should be. I was going back to the other three-horns, but I chose to come back to warn you... I met... the Sharp Tooth!

    Petrie: [screams] Sharp Tooth!

    [jumps onto Littlefoot frightened]

    Littlefoot: Come on, Cera. Sharp Tooth is dead. He fell down into the big underground.

    Cera: [in a deeper tone] And *that's*... where he met me!

    Ducky: Oh. Dear brave Cera.

    Petrie: Dear brave Cera.

    Cera: Yes. I am brave.

    Littlefoot: [annoyed] Sharp Tooth is dead!

    Cera: My father told me that Flatheads have very small brains!

  • Littlefoot: Have you ever seen the Great Valley?

    Littlefoot's Mother: No.

    Littlefoot: Well, how do you know it's really there?

    Littlefoot's Mother: Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.

    Littlefoot: I don't understand, Mother.

    Littlefoot's Mother: You will, my son. You will.

  • Ducky: It's Sharptooth.

    Littlefoot: Let's get rid of him once and for all.

    Ducky: What will we do?

    Littlefoot: Look. We'll coax him to the deep end of the pond. He can't swim with those scrawny arms. Me and Spike will go up and push that big rock on top of his head, and then he'll fall off into the water. Petrie, you whistle when he's just at the right spot, where the water gets dark. Now we need some bait...

    [everyone looks at Ducky suspiciously]

    Ducky: Meeee? Oh no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no.

  • Littlefoot: [to Petrie on his head] Are you just gonna stay up there?

    Petrie: Yes!

    Littlefoot: Well, you can't. You're tearing my tree star!

    Ducky: It is very special. Very. His mother gave it to him. She did.

    Petrie: Ooh. Mother present. Very important. Ooh, yes. I can save it. I'll let nobody touch it!

    Ducky: Yeah, Petrie. You keep it safe. Yep, yep, yep.

    Littlefoot: Nope, nope, nope. I'm not a carrier. Get off! You're a flyer, now start flying.

    Ducky: Open your wings, Petrie! Open! Open!

    Petrie: No! No! I can not do this!

    Littlefoot: You can fly! Now open your skinny wings!

  • Cera: You again? Go away! That's MY Hopper.

    Littlefoot: I saw him first.

    Cera: Well, he's in my pond.

  • Littlefoot: I'm going to the Great Valley. We could help each other.

    Cera: A three-horn does not need help from a long neck.

    [she tries to climb down the rock ledge herself, but she slips and falls backward into the ravine]

    Littlefoot: Well, at least we won't be alone.

    Cera: Well, when I find my sisters, I won't BE alone! So go away. Three-horns can be *very* dangerous, and they only talk with other three-horns, and they only *travel* with other three-horns.

  • Ducky: The tree is talking!

    Littlefoot: No it isn't.

    Ducky: You should not eat talking trees. Nope, nope nope.

  • Littlefoot: Do you smell something?

    Petrie: [Ducky's on his head] I... I smell... I smell... I smell... hmm... Ducky.

    Ducky: You smell me? Ha ha!

  • Littlefoot: Cera, hello.

    Cera: What do you want?

    Littlefoot: Nothing. Where are you going?

    Cera: I'm going to find my own kind. They're on the other side.

    Littlefoot: I've looked all over here. You can't climb up the other side.

    Cera: Maybe *you* can't!

  • Littlefoot: You want to go with me?

    Ducky: YEAH! Oh... Oh, yes, yes, yes! I do! I do!

    Littlefoot: Alright, come on. But you'll have to keep up.

    Ducky: I will keep up. I will.

  • Ducky: Where are we going?

    Littlefoot: To the Great Valley. I'm not gonna stop until I find my grandparents.

  • Littlefoot: Mother, what's a long neck?

    Littlefoot's Mother: Well, that's what we are, dear.

    Littlefoot: Oh. Well, why can't I play with that three-horn? We were having fun.

    Littlefoot's Mother: Well, we all keep to our own kinds. The three-horns, the spike-tails, the swimmers, the flyers... we never do anything together.

    Littlefoot: Why?

    Littlefoot's Mother: Well - because we're different. It's always been that way.

    Littlefoot: Well, why?

    Littlefoot's Mother: [chuckles] Oh, don't worry so much. When we reach the Great Valley, there'll be many, many long necks for you to play with.

    Littlefoot: [sighs] I wish we were there now.

    Littlefoot's Mother: Well, it's a long way yet. Past the Great Rock that looks like a long leck, and pass the mountains that burn... still a long way, but we'll get there.

  • Petrie: I fly?

    Ducky: No, you falled.

    Petrie: I FALL?

    Ducky: You cannot fly? But how did you get way up there?

    Petrie: I climb.

    Littlefoot: But you are a flyer, not a faller.

    Petrie: Hard thing, to fly.

    [imitates a shot down airplane]

    Littlefoot: I guess it is. We can't do it.

    Ducky: Nope. We cannot do that alright.

  • [Littlefoot had just found the Great Valley]

    Littlefoot: The Great Valley. Cera! Spike! Ducky! Petrie! Over here!

    [the others run in to join Littlefoot]

    Cera: Littlefoot, you found it!

    Ducky: Yep, yep, yep!

    Littlefoot: We did it! We did it together!

  • Cera: Look at what they're doing. They're so greedy. What about me? I'm still hungry!

    Petrie: YOU hungry? I'm empty all the way to the top! Now we're at the Great Valley and STILL GOT NO GREEN FOODS! We be hungry FOREVER! Oh...

    Littlefoot: Aw Petrie, Cera's wrong. This isn't the Great Valley.

    Ducky: It is not a Great ANYTHING. Nope, nope, nope.

  • Cera: NOW do you believe me?

    Littlefoot: I'm sorry. We're safe now.

    Cera: Nobody's safe with *you*.

  • Cera: This is the Great Valley? You're crazy! I'm leaving!

    Littlefoot: Cera, we have to keep following the bright circle.

    Cera: I'm taking the easy way.

    Littlefoot: But it's the WRONG WAY!

    Cera: Who says?

    Littlefoot: My mother.

    Cera: Then SHE was a stupid long neck too.

    Littlefoot: Take that back!

    Cera: Never!

    Littlefoot: TAKE IT BACK!

    Cera: NO!

  • Littlefoot: Go on! Go the wrong way! We never wanted you with us anyway.

  • Littlefoot's mother: Littlefoot... Littlefoot...

    Littlefoot: Mother!

    Littlefoot's mother: [faintly] Littlefoot...

    Littlefoot: Mother... I - I tried to do what you told me, but it's just too hard. I'll never find the Great Valley.

  • Littlefoot: You can't quit now. What if the Great Valley's just over the top of these rocks?

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