Little Mary Quotes in Heartbreak Ridge (1986)


Little Mary Quotes:

  • Highway: Hey, Baby. You fool around on the first date?

    Little Mary: Oooooo.

    [hugs Highway]

    Little Mary: Damn you, boy, don't you know how to write or call?

    Highway: Well, I didn't want you to spend any sleepless nights thinking about me.

    Little Mary: Come on, I'll get you a beer.

    Highway: Great. I could use one.

    [sits at bar]

    Highway: You look great. They don't make 'em like you anymore.

    Little Mary: Oh, hell, sure they do. But if you want a lot from a woman you have to give a lot.

    Highway: Not this kid. It seems that marriage and the Marine Corps weren't too compatable.

    Little Mary: Panther piss. The best years of my life were spent with a Marine. If I were a little younger I'd make you eat your words and curl your toes.

    Highway: I bet you could.

    Little Mary: Aggie always kept a smile on your face.

    Highway: That was pain.

    Little Mary: She's in town Tom.

    Highway: I figured as much. Well, if she's looking for more alimony she's in real trouble because I've got myself so broke I couldn't get out of sight if it took a quarter to go around the world.

    Little Mary: She's cocktailin' over at the Palace.

    Highway: I figured she'd be married to a general by now. Can I get my old room back?

    Little Mary: Hell yes. You gonna go see her?

    Highway: Hell no. Can I run a tab on this?

    Little Mary: Hell no.

    Highway: Tough woman. Tough, tough woman.

  • Little Mary: Is this the ear you can't hear on?

    [whispering in his bad ear]

    Little Mary: George Bailey, I'll love you 'til the day I die.

  • Little Violet: [commenting on George] I like him.

    Little Mary: You like every boy.

    Little Violet: What's wrong with that?

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