Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear Quotes in Jim Thorpe -- All-American (1951)


Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear Quotes:

  • Ed Guyac: Well, how do you feel, Chief?

    Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear: Bed soft. Make Little Boy soft. How do you like things?

    Ed Guyac: If every Indian was as soft as you, the population of this country would still be in Rhode Island.

  • Peter Allendine: [to Jim] Hey, you! Yeah, you, come here. Hey, just a minute. What's your name?

    Jim Thorpe: Jim Thorpe.

    Peter Allendine: Do you have a tribal name?

    Jim Thorpe: Wa-Tho-Huk.

    Peter Allendine: What does it mean?

    Jim Thorpe: Bright path.

    Peter Allendine: Bright path, huh? Well, Bright Path, do you know the school song?

    Jim Thorpe: No.

    Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear: No, sir.

    Peter Allendine: That's right. Well, here are the words. You memorize them, be ready to sing for us tomorrow morning.

    [Jim starts to walk away]

    Peter Allendine: Oh, uh, just a minute, Bright Path. Do you speak Indian?

    Jim Thorpe: Yes.

    Peter Allendine: Let's hear you recite the Gettysburg Address in Indian.

    Jim Thorpe: Why, I reckon I can't.

    Peter Allendine: Good, because when you recite the Gettysburg Address, you recite it in English. Indian isn't spoken here.

  • Ed Guyac: Hello.

    Jim Thorpe: They sent me up here to bunk with you.

    Ed Guyac: Sure, come on in. I'm Ed Guyac.

    Jim Thorpe: Jim Thorpe.

    Ed Guyac: This untamed aborigine here is Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear. Kind of a mouthful, so I just call him Little Boy.

    Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear: How.

    Ed Guyac: Not 'how'. What have I been teaching you?

    Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear: [Little Boy stands up] Oh. Hi.

    Ed Guyac: He's full-blooded Chippewa, his old man's chief. Nothing like bunking with royalty. Where are you from?

    Jim Thorpe: Oklahoma, Sac and Fox.

    Ed Guyac: I'm Mohawk, heap smart New York Injun. Study law, make plenty wampum, take mortgage off tepee. How about you?

    Jim Thorpe: What about me?

    Ed Guyac: What are you going to prepare for? You know: doctor, lawyer. Indian chief, rich man, poor man?

    Jim Thorpe: I don't know.

    Ed Guyac: Well, you've come to the right place to find out. This is your cot right here.

    Jim Thorpe: Thanks.

    Ed Guyac: Matter of fact, you can take this one if you like; Little Boy never uses it.

    Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear: Bed too soft, make Little Boy soft.

    Ed Guyac: 'Soft', listen to him. 220 pounds of skin and bone. These natives, I'll never get used to them.

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