Little Bear Quotes in The Little Bear Movie (2001)


Little Bear Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Little Bear: Come on, slowpoke! We're going to be late! Whoa!

    Father Bear: [muffled, through a sandwich in his mouth] Pudding hill

    [removes sandwich]

    Father Bear: Pudding Hill will still be there, Little Bear!

    Little Bear: But I want to be there, too.

  • [last lines]

    Mother Bear: [accepting a hug from Little Bear] Oh my goodness, you're getting so big!

    Little Bear: But not too big, right?

    Mother Bear: Never too big. You will always be my Little Bear.

  • Boone: Where may I ask, is my coffee? I always start my day with a cup of coffee.

    Omri: Okay, if you're good, I'll make you breakfast.

    Little Bear: Cook? Like a woman! You are a woman!

    Omri: Oh please, you guys are so old fashioned.

    Boone: I'll have you know I'm a civilized man.

    [looks at Little Bear]

    Boone: Unlike some!

    Little Bear: Where do you come from?

    Boone: I come from Texas, Mr. Half-a-brain!

  • Little Bear: Are we always a great people?

    Omri: You are always a great people, but it's not always so good.

  • Little Bear: [Before pulling the arrow out of Boone] Blood will flow. Get me husks!

  • Little Bear: Good! I like danger. Do you like danger, Texas Man?

  • Boone: [after Omri picks him up to stop him from shooting Little Bear] I'm tired of getting hauled around all the time! I might'a known you'd take the side of that stinkin' savage!

    Little Bear: He smells, Omri, and he calls me a dirty savage.

    Boone: Oh, I didn't call you dirty. I called you stinkin'!

  • Boone: You sure was right, Little Bear! God sure do play with men a lot!

    Little Bear: There is no God here.

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