Lissa Dragomir Quotes in Vampire Academy (2014)


Lissa Dragomir Quotes:

  • Lissa Dragomir: That's your dress. That's the dress you were born to wear.

    Rose Hathaway: Lissa, we have more important things to do than sh-

    [looks at the dress]

    Rose Hathaway: That is my dress.

    Lissa Dragomir: And that is your necklace.

    Rose Hathaway: That is my necklace.

    Lissa Dragomir: [Sees the price] Oh, that's not your necklace.

    Rose Hathaway: So not my necklace.

  • Rose Hathaway: Is that Jesse? The hot get hotter.

    Natalie: Yeah, Jesse's still the academy's number one wet dream boat.

    Lissa Dragomir: [scoffs] He has a terrible personality.

    Rose Hathaway: Jesse has a personality? I didn't know. Don't judge a book by its content.

    Lissa Dragomir: You know this is a church, right?

  • [from trailer]

    Mia Rinaldi: Back off, blood whore! He's mine now!

    Lissa Dragomir: God, I hate high school.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: How's that 'under the radar' plan working out, Highness?

    Lissa Dragomir: Not so much.

  • [from trailer]

    Lissa Dragomir: Blood is family. Blood is pain. And blood is death.

  • Rose Hathaway: Damn, back to vampire academy.

    Lissa Dragomir: Please don't say vampire academy, you know how I feel about the "V" word.

    Rose Hathaway: Sorry, It's not like the drinking of blood is your main source of sustenance. Oh wait, that's exactly what it is.

  • Rose Hathaway: Why can't you be like a normal teenage girl and dream about hot naked guys on unicorns?

    Lissa Dragomir: Does it have to be unicorns?

    Rose Hathaway: Of course not. It could be jet skis, mechanical bulls, or... Why do you have a scary poster of an American ex-president?

    Lissa Dragomir: Well, you told me I needed to blend more into Oregano society.

    Rose Hathaway: We're in Oregon. You know you're completely hopeless as a human being, right?

    Lissa Dragomir: I'm still adjusting.

  • [from trailer]

    Lissa Dragomir: Um... thanks!

    Rose Hathaway: What are friends for?

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: When was the last time you ate?

    Lissa Dragomir: Are you sure about this?

    Rose Hathaway: Bon appetit.

  • [first lines]

    Lissa Dragomir: [about a song on the radio] Oh, Father, turn it up.

    Rose Hathaway: Please, Mr. Dragomir, I love this song.

    Andre: This song is sick... the traditional "vomit" definition of the word.

    Lissa Dragomir: Shut up, Andre. Me and Rose want to hear it.

    Lissa's Mom: "Rose and I," Lissa, "Rose and I."

    Lissa's Dad: I think the tune is rather catchy.

    [reaches for the radio just as an oncoming car crosses the center line]

  • Lissa Dragomir: Mr. Meisner, you're being used as a tool to broadcast Mia's vile propaganda.

    Mr. Meisner: Are you calling me a tool?

    Rose Hathaway: If she's not, I will.

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