Linda Shaw Quotes in Stage Door (1937)


Linda Shaw Quotes:

  • Jean Maitland: Hey, that's a kind of good-lookin' piece of jackrabbit you got there.

    Linda Shaw: Oh, it's just a little trinket my "Aunt Susan" sent over.

    Jean Maitland: Say, I think it's very unselfish of those little animals to give up their lives to keep other animals warm.

    Linda Shaw: You know, they're very smart little animals. They never give up their lives for the wrong people.

    Jean Maitland: Well, you understand the rodent family much better than I do.

  • Jean Maitland: [crassly screaming from the bottom of the stairs] OH, LINDA!

    Linda Shaw: [coming down the stairs] Maybe if you spoke a little LOUDER next time, everyone in the whole HOUSE could hear you.

    Jean Maitland: [sarcastically] Oh, I'm sorry, I forget that you're old and deaf.

  • Linda Shaw: If you were a little more considerate of your elders, maybe Mr. Powell would send his car for you someday. Of course, he would probably take one look at you and send you right back again, but then you have to expect that.

    Jean Maitland: Is that so?

    Linda Shaw: Do you know, I think I could fix you up with Mr. Powell's chauffeur. The chauffeur has a very nice car too.

    Jean Maitland: Yes, but I understand Mr. Powell's chauffeur doesn't go as far in his car as Mr. Powell does.

    Linda Shaw: Even a chauffer has to have an incentive!

    Jean Maitland: Well, you should know!

  • Jean Maitland: Maybe I could fix you up with Mr. Powell's chauffeur. the chauffeur has a very nice car too.

    Linda Shaw: Yes, but I'm told the chauffeur doesn't go as far in his car aa Mr. Powell does.

  • Linda Shaw: [to Anthony Powell] If I have to have a stooge, would you mind at least getting me somebody interesting.

    Harcourt: I hate that word "stooge," I'm retained as an *escort*.

    Linda Shaw: Stooge is good enough.

  • Jean Maitland: Where is she? Oh, you. Come on, take 'em off.

    Linda Shaw: Are you speaking to me?

    Jean Maitland: You heard what I said! Take off those stockings or I will! And take a little of your hide off with 'em.

    Linda Shaw: What do you mean? They are my stockings.

    Jean Maitland: They are not! If you think I'm going to give up my lunch to buy you stockings, you're crazy.

    Linda Shaw: Well, you owe me a pair anyway.

  • Linda Shaw: I won't be insulted by a little guttersnipe!

  • Jean Maitland: I'll slap her ears flat against the back of her head

    Linda Shaw: I'd like to see you try it.

    Jean Maitland: Come on down here!

  • Linda Shaw: [Sees Jean and Annie dancing on stage] Well, well, life is full of surprises.

    Anthony Powell: Cute kids, aren't they.

    Linda Shaw: You think so?

    Anthony Powell: I wonder who they are?

    Linda Shaw: Just a lot of riffraff they pick up around town.

  • Linda Shaw: May I come in?

    Jean Maitland: Oh, sure. I guess you'll be safe. The exterminators won't be here until tomorrow.

    Linda Shaw: How did they miss you on their last visit?

  • Jean Maitland: It must be galling to you older women to lose your meal ticket to a younger riffraff.

    Linda Shaw: Just a leave of absence, dearie. And, in the meantime, I have my lovely sable coat and my star sapphire to keep me company.

    Jean Maitland: It's lovely, but, I'm afraid you paid too much for it.

    Linda Shaw: That's your mistake. I'm not as generous as my Aunt Susan.

    Jean Maitland: Well, goodbye, thanks for calling. If you ever need a good pallbearer, remember, I'm at your service.

  • Judy Canfield: She doesn't even know what a pheasant is.

    Linda Shaw: Naturally, there's a difference between pheasant and peasant.

    Jean Maitland: Oh, my friend wouldn't think of serving peasants.

    Linda Shaw: No, but he's willing to take them out once or twice.

  • Linda Shaw: Its one thing to borrow a friend's friend. It's another thing to hold him. If you know what I mean.

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