Linda Lee Quotes in Supergirl (1984)


Linda Lee Quotes:

  • Lucy Lane: All you need is a couple of streaks and your ears pierced. I could do it for you, it's easy. You just get a needle, heat it up, dab it with some alcohol, and zap! The guys go crazy!

    Linda Lee: My ears what?

    Lucy Lane: Pierced. Like and you know, I take a needle, and then I heat it up, dab it with some alcohol and, zap, all the guys go crazy.

    Linda Lee: Because I have holes in my ears?

    Lucy Lane: What, are you putting me on? Sometimes I can't figure you out, Linda.

  • Lucy Lane: Look at that dingleberry.

    Linda Lee: What's a dingleberry?

  • Mr. Danvers: Lucy Lee, this is Linda Lane.

    Lucy Lane: No, it isn't. She's Linda Lee, and I'm...

    Linda Lee: Lucy Lane.

    Mr. Danvers: You two know each other?

    Linda Lee: Oh, no, we just met.

    Mr. Danvers: Really? When?

    Lucy Lane: Just now. Though we've known each other for years, haven't we, Linda?

    Linda Lee: Oh, gee, I don't think that.

  • Lucy Lane: So who's your cousin?

    Linda Lee: Clark Kent.

    Lucy Lane: Your kidding me. Clark Kent's your cousin? Your putting me on.

    Linda Lee: Do you know him?

    Lucy Lane: Do I know him? Does my sister know him? Now, that's the big question.

  • Nigel: Linda, are you with us?

    Linda Lee: Um... Yes, sir, I am.

    Nigel: Oh, are you? Where, might I ask?

    Linda Lee: Well, here, sir, on Earth.

  • Mr. Danvers: One way or another we're all alone on this miserable little planet.

    Linda Lee: Yes sir, I know.

  • Bruce Lee: [Coming Home] Hello.

    Linda Lee: What were you're doing.

    Bruce Lee: I'm working on the Game of Death.

    Linda Lee: Bruce.

    Bruce Lee: I don't have a choice, we've been through this before.

    Linda Lee: Maybe you don't, but I do. I'm taking the kids home for a while

    Bruce Lee: This "is" home.

    Linda Lee: No. Here is where we watch you work.

    Bruce Lee: I know all about America, a mountain of gold, we are so good. But you can't believe that, you gotta read the small print.

    Linda Lee: This is place is eating us up, can't you see that Bruce?

    Bruce Lee: given us a life. Here I am somebody, I'm special. Back there, I'm just another 2-bit, no-nothing dishwasher from a fishy-stinking restaurant

    [pushes stuff off his dresser in anger]

    Bruce Lee: [Mimicking a Chinese accent] Hello, hello little white man. Try some from column A or some from column B.

    [Braks his closet door in anger]

    Bruce Lee: Who am I, huh? Who am I? Tell me who am I.

    Linda Lee: I don't know who the hell you are anymore. Do you?

  • [last lines]

    Linda Lee: Three weeks before the opening of Enter the Dragon, the movie that would bring him into international fame, Bruce fell into a mysterious coma and died. He was 32. Thousands of fans have gathered in Hong Kong for the funeral. I buried him in America so he can be close to us. There are many people that want to know the way he died, I want to remember the way he lived.

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