Lina Mayfleet Quotes in City of Ember (2008)


Lina Mayfleet Quotes:

  • Doon Harrow: My dad made this.

    Lina Mayfleet: It doesn't look very safe.

    Doon Harrow: That's my dad.

  • [Doon and Lina have discovered a hidden bicycle-like jalopy with which their parents had tried to escape Ember, many years ago]

    Lina Mayfleet: What is this?

    Doon Harrow: [recognizing the built-from-weird-parts look of the thing] My dad made this.

    Lina Mayfleet: It doesn't look very safe.

    Doon Harrow: That's my dad. Everything he makes looks like this.

  • Lina Mayfleet: Lizzie! Where'd you get that food?

    Lizzie Bisco: All right. I got it from my boyfriend.

    Lina Mayfleet: You don't have a boyfriend.

    Lizzie Bisco: It's not official, but there's this guy who really likes me. He explores the storerooms, especially the ones on the edges. They're marked empty in the ledger, but they're not all empty. I'll give you a bite if you promise not to tell.

  • [Lina has just seen a man, who ventured into the wilderness, captured by the authorities]

    Lina Mayfleet: Why would he risk being thrown in jail, when everyone knows it's against the law to go out there?

  • [after Granny passes away, Lina and Poppy have to move into Mrs. Murdo's place. Mrs. Murdo shows them a clean room with a single bed]

    Mrs. Murdo: You and Poppy have to share, but I think the bed's big enough. Poppy, let's make some dinner and get your sister get settled.

    [Lina, with a box of her belongings in her arms, stares unhappily at her new room]

    Mrs. Murdo: [Cut to the dinner scene, when there are rumblings from below and bits of ceiling falling from above]

    Mrs. Murdo: [Mrs. Murdo, oblivious to the destruction all around them, says to Lina:] Do you know your part?

    Lina Mayfleet: Um, I, I think I remember it pretty well from last year.

    Mrs. Murdo: [enraptured] Oh, the Great Day of Singing is *so* important! Ah, it lifts all of our hearts! How lucky we are.

    [Mrs. Murdo is equally oblivious to the fact that Lina and Poppy are grieving for Granny]

    Lina Mayfleet: I don't feel very lucky, lately.

    [Mrs. Murdo lifts a finger grandly, as though to dispense great wisdom]

    Mrs. Murdo: There's nothing to worry about.

    Lina Mayfleet: The blackouts worry everybody.

    Mrs. Murdo: Help is coming.

    Lina Mayfleet: [frowns:] Help?

    Mrs. Murdo: Mm-hm! Who built our City, dear?

    Lina Mayfleet: The... Builders?

    Mrs. Murdo: That's right. And the Builders will come again and show us the way.

    [Even Poppy looks incredulous. Lina realizes she has been talking to a crazy person, so she only nods]

  • Lina Mayfleet: [She's holding the mysterious box, looking at the numbers in its l.e.d. count-down panel, while talking to Clary, and she starts crying] How am I ever gonna figure out what this is all about? It's all these zeros. That's what scares me the most. What would count down to nothing?

  • Captain Fleery: Stop! I need to tell you the rules. One: When a customer...

    Lina Mayfleet: Gives you a message, repeat it back to make sure you've got it right. Two: Always wear the red cape so people can identify you. Three: Our customers pay 20 coins for every message no matter how far we have to carry it, so go fast. I love going fast.

    Captain Fleery: Very good. I'm impressed. Now go!

  • Lina Mayfleet: Whatever it is, granny, I'll figure it out.

  • Lina Mayfleet: [fearfully] What... was that?

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