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Lily Vautier Quotes:

  • Lily Vautier: You see, mother is dead.

    Mariette Colet: Yes, that's the trouble with mothers. First you get to like them, and then they die.

  • Gaston Monescu: Well, what did she want?

    Lily Vautier: You. And she's willing to pay as high as 50 francs.

  • Lily Vautier: Well, I'll leave you alone with that lady. But if you behave like a gentleman, I'll break your neck.

  • Lily Vautier: You know, when I first saw you, I thought you were an American.

    Gaston Monescu: Thank you.

    Lily Vautier: Someone from another world, so entirely different. Oh, one gets so tired of one's own class - princes and counts and dukes and kings! Everybody talking shop. Always trying to sell you jewelry. Then I heard your name and found out you were just one of us.

    Gaston Monescu: Disappointed?

    Lily Vautier: No, proud. Very proud.

  • Lily Vautier: I have a confession to make to you: Baron, you are a crook. You robbed the gentleman in 253, 5, 7 and 9. May I have the salt?

    Gaston Monescu: Please!

    Lily Vautier: Thank you.

    Gaston Monescu: The pepper too?

    Lily Vautier: Oh, no, thank you.

    Gaston Monescu: You're very welcome. Countess, believe me, before you left this room, I would have told you everything. And let me say this, with love in my heart: Countess, you are a thief. The wallet of the gentleman in 253, 5, 7 and 9 is in your possession. I knew it very well when you took it out of my pocket. In fact, you tickled me. But your embrace was so sweet.

  • Lily Vautier: Don't you remember the day you took that Chinese vase from the Royal Palace? And you made it into a lamp for my night table.

    Gaston Monescu: I remember the lamp, I remember the night table... . and I remember the night.

  • Lily Vautier: [fuming] I wouldn't fall for another man if he was the biggest crook on earth!

  • Lily Vautier: Darling, remember, you are Gaston Monescu. You are a crook. I want you as a crook. I love you as a crook. I worship you as a crook. Steal, swindle, rob. Oh, but don't become one of those useless, good-for-nothing gigolos.

  • Lily Vautier: This woman has more than jewelry.

    Gaston Monescu: [sighs loudly]

    Lily Vautier: Did you ever take a good look at her... ummm...

    Gaston Monescu: Certainly.

    Lily Vautier: They're alright, aren't they?

    Gaston Monescu: Beautiful. What of it? Let me tell you something - as far as I'm concerned her whole sex appeal is in that safe.

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