Lilly Quotes in The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)


Lilly Quotes:

  • Jimmy Cuervo: All my life, I've been pushin' down this fire inside of me.

    Lilly: [flashback] Jimmy stop!

    Jimmy Cuervo: It just keeps coming back up.

    Lilly: [flashback] Jimmy stop! Jimmy stop. Stop.

    Jimmy Cuervo: I'm so fucking tired of running.

  • Lilly: I told you, I don't hunt.

    Garth: Here, maybe this'll help.

    [pushes the fur out of her eyes]

    Garth: Wow...

    Lilly: 'Wow' what?

    Garth: Your eyes, they're beautiful.

  • Eve: [to the eastern pack] I just want to say one thing, if any of you wolves have hurt my daughter I will personally rip out your eyes and shove them down your throat so you can see my claws tearing your carcass open!

    [All the eastern wolves back away in fear]

    Lilly: Uhh... mom?

    Eve: Not now dear, mommy's in a rage.

    Lilly: Well, well since Kate 'stood up' Garth, I could show him around until she gets back.

    Garth: [Scoffs] I wouldn't say stood up.

    Tony: [Off screen] Garth!

    Garth: [Gulps] Sounds good to me.

    Lilly: Well come on Garth.

    Eve: [Growls at Garth] Aw, isn't that sweet? She gets it from me.

  • Eve: Aww Kate, you look so beautiful. Now, if Garth gets out of line, take those beautiful teeth of your's, go for the throat and don't let go until the body stops shaking.

    Kate: [Looks around in shock]

    Winston: [Clears throat] My little girl doesn't want to do this, she's not ready.

    Kate: Don't worry dad, I'm ready.

    Winston: [laughs]

    Kate: Come on Lilly.

    Lilly: Ok, ok.

  • Garth: So, why's this called "Rabbit-Poo Mountain"?

    Lilly: Because this is where rabbits like to poo.

    Garth: Ewwww! Gross!

    Lilly: [giggles] I was just kidding.

    Garth: Whoa, i get it. You're a funny omega.

    Lilly: Mhm.

    Garth: Okay. Make me laugh!

  • Garth: Lilly, i just wanted to thank you. Ya know, for showing me around this place.

    Lilly: You mean, you liked it?

    Garth: Of course i liked hanging out with you. Hell, in fact, i don't remember having such a great time before. Especially with a girl.

    Lilly: [giggles shyly] Well, i'm glad you had fun, Garth.

  • Lilly: I set fires to feel joy.

    Donald: That's adorable.

  • Lilly: [Speaking louder than she normally does] I think I have something that could help us.

    Fat Amy: Excuse me bitch, you don't need to shout.

  • Lilly: I ate my twin in the womb.

  • Lilly: Hello, my name is Lily Onakurarama, I was born with gills like a fish!

  • [Beca returns to her room after being released from jail]

    Fat Amy: What up, Shawshank?

    Cynthia Rose: Did you get yourself a bitch?

    Fat Amy: Did they spray you with a hose?

    Lilly: [quietly] I did a turn at County.

  • Lilly: Do you want to see a dead body?

  • Nate: Why do women need so many bags?

    Lilly: Shut up.

    Nate: You have one. You put all your junk in it, and that's it. You're done.

    Doug: Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity.

    Lilly: Oh! And it's pretty.

    Doug: That too.

  • Andy Sachs: Oh, one more little thing.

    Lilly: [gasps] Gimme!

    Andy Sachs: You want it?

    Lilly: Gimme, gimme, gimme!

    Andy Sachs: I think she likes it.

    Lilly: Oh my god! This is the new Marc Jacobs. This is, like, sold out everywhere. Where did you get this?

    Andy Sachs: Miranda didn't want it so...

    Lilly: Oh no. This bag is, like, nineteen hundred dollars. I cannot take this from her

    [nevertheless filling the new bag with her stuff]

    Andy Sachs: Sure you can.

  • Lilly: [stroking a Marc Jacobs bag] And it's pretty!

  • [running to catch up Mia and Michael]

    Lilly: [screaming] WAIT FOR ME, WAIT FOR ME!

    [Two others teenagers stop, and look at her]

    Lilly: Wait, wait. No, not you - I don't even know you!

  • Lilly: Michael, don't always think you could get a ride with us and...

    [sees Mia's new look]

    Lilly: Oy. Who destroyed you?

    Mia: Oh. You-you think it looks that bad?

    Lilly: You look ridiculous. You should sue.

    Mia: Well um... I know it's a little straighter and shorter and...

    Lilly: Weirder!

    [Get's in limo]

    Michael: An attractive weirder.

    Lilly: No, it's not attractive!

    Joe: Seat belts, please.

    Lilly: What I really can't understand is that you ditched me again yesterday when I really needed your help at the greenpeace petition.

    [picks up bag]

    Lilly: These bags! You HAVE one of these bags? You know, we could hock that and feed a whole third world country!

    [Looks at Michael]

    Lilly: Am I right?

    Michael: No.

    Joe: If there are no more passengers, I think we should close the door.

  • Lilly: You know you look like Shaft?

  • Lilly: Michael, can you please pretend you have a life for just one moment?

  • Lilly: The student body may be morally bankrupt, but that doesn't mean they're blind!

  • Lilly: You're morphing into one of them! Next week you'll be waving pom-poms in my face!

  • Lilly: Is your mom dating an undertaker?

  • Georgia: You cut your hair...

    Lilly: It was getting in the way of my drinking.

  • Lilly: Oh, come on. There was a time you'd have dragged me by my hair out of here for drinking.

    Georgia: I'm too old. So's your hair.

  • Lilly: I brought you a gift

    Georgia: It's lovely.

    Lilly: How do you know?

    Georgia: The ribbon and the paper.

  • Lilly: Dear Rachel, My mother always told me the hardest things to do in life are to trust, to have faith and to forgive so I want you to hear the strength in my voice when I say I forgive you because I love you, that's simple and that complicated to forgive is to move forward Georgia rule, Love Mom

  • Georgia: It's a glass... bedpan?

    Lilly: Crystal bowl. It's classy.

  • Georgia: Traveled all the way from San Francisco, Califonia smelling of smoke, but she doesn't smoke.

    Lilly: Ok, mother, caught me.

    Georgia: Save the lies for something more important than cancer.

  • Lilly: When Dad was dying, nearly dead, did you ever miss a meal? Eat late? Eat early?

    Georgia: No, same time. Alone. I could turn the radio on.

    Lilly: You're a minute late. Enjoy your meal. I'm gonna wait for Rachel.

    Georgia: Life is much less of a surprise when it's all timed down.

  • Lilly: You don't know where you're going.

    Rachel: Yes, I do.

    Lilly: You don't know where you are.

    Rachel: Yes, I do. I'm in hell.

  • Rachel: You know, if you weren't such a nutcase, then we could've flown here like normal people and been done with this sh*t. You won, ok? You won. I'm out of your life.

    Lilly: No one has won.

    Rachel: I am out of your life. Now if you please, would you just get out of mine?

    [bangs purse on car hood]

  • Georgia: [after getting into a fight with Lilly on the lawn and she loses her bra] You lost your...

    [holds her bra out]

    Lilly: My mind?

    Georgia: I'll go get the booze, you stay here.

  • [as Angela is burying Lilly in a garbage pit]

    Lilly: Get me out of here! There's rats in here! They'll eat me alive!

    Angela: Don't worry, they'll be suffocated soon.

  • Lilly: [about favorite movies] Bobby, what's yours?

    Bobby Stark: I like movies that make America look great, like... Rambo Part III.

  • Lilly: [about favorite movies] How 'bout it, Riff?

    Riff: Ones with tits and blood.

  • Lilly: Maria, what's your favorite color?

    Angela: Blood red.

  • Lilly: Oh, Riff, since Cindy's not feeling well, looks like you and I are gonna be partners.

    Riff: No fuckin' way.

  • Lilly: [when seeing the Vienna hotel for the first time] There's gonna be sex and violence.

  • [last lines]

    Lilly: Life's a fairy tale.

  • Darrin Hill: Your act is terrific.

    Lilly: Yours needs a lot of work.

  • Lilly: She is not a Christian. My mama said hollering in a church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a Cadillac.

  • Lilly: You really don't remember me?

    Darrin Hill: You're that Lily?

    Lilly: Yeah, you always used to ask me to be your girlfriend. But I was bound and determined to be Mrs. Michael Jackson

    Darrin Hill: How's that working out for you?

    Lilly: It turns out, I'm not his type.

  • Lilly: Dean is a gift from God.

    Paulina Pritchett: So is snow and rain, but we still have to wear our rubbers.

  • Lilly: You know what Sally told me once? She said when like makes you have to put up with mean and hateful people, just think of 'em as sandpaper. They may scratch you, rub you the wrong way... But eventually, you'll end up smooth and polished. And the sandpaper? It's just gon' be worn out and ugly.

  • Lilly: Are you flirting with me?

    Luis: Should I stop?

    Lilly: Only if it doesn't work.

  • Lilly: Normally I would never fight with another woman over a man, but, fuck it, I'm bored.

  • Lilly: Tons of women get dragged here by gay friends who dump them for poppers and handjobs.

    Zack: Um, I'm right here.

    Lilly: Yeah, but your brain isn't. It's in Benji's pants or Casey's ass or some shit like that.

  • Lilly: Apparently, you can't have a wedding without three nights of orgies.

  • Lilly: Let's go put that sexy bastard in his place.

    Penny: You've got balls.

    Lilly: That's not funny.

  • Penny: He's butt-naked and circumcised.

    Lilly: Congratulations, you can read.

  • Casey: I can't shit in public toilets.

    Lilly: Seems ya got a long summer for YOU.

  • Lilly: Holy teenage werewolf!

  • Jason: Aren't they pretty? You know, those are actually weeds.

    Lilly: Does knowing that make them any less pretty?

  • Genevieve: [interrupting Lilly's audition] Hi. Um, director guy, you DO realize what you just saw was a man auditioning for the role of a woman?

    Lilly: Are you here for the role of a bitch who's about to get punched.

  • Lilly: You are a weird little creature.

  • Casey: I'm a terrible person.

    Lilly: Only on the inside.

  • Lilly: I haven't been this happy since it was okay to take drugs.

  • Lilly: Oh, well at least I was faithful!

    Dan: Yeah, you were faithful like a Kennedy was faithful!

  • Lilly: [after seeing a red hair on Keith's jacket] Rowena! You're shedding again!

  • Lilly: I'm not neurotic, I'm just a bitch.

  • Lilly: Shonzi, you got me all wet.

    Shonzi: Gross, isn't that your boyfriend's job.

  • Lilly: I'm afraid of dying.

    David: I'm afraid of not doing anything while I'm still here.

    Lilly: I don't think there's much chance of that.

  • David: No one buys ice cream on Tuesdays. What are you doing?

    Lilly: No one takes boat tours on Tuesdays.

  • Lilly: I'm trying to tell you the truth. You hurt me.

    David: So you had to hurt me back, right?


    David: You know, you really are full of shit. You keep this up, and there won't be anyone left to play with, you understand?

  • Lilly: I can't do it.

    Gerri: Yes, you can. The question is: Will you?

  • Gerri: I got it in the mail yesterday, so I guess that was his... his way of making sure that you'd see it.

    Lilly: No. It was his way of making sure that we'd see each other.

  • Lilly: Did mom talk to you about coming back?

    Edward: Yeah.

    Lilly: Are you?

    Edward: I don't know.

    Edward: You could just die and none of this would matter.

  • Lilly: Look, the neighbors bought birds.

    Christine Taylor: Canaries.

    Lilly: How can you tell?

    Christine Taylor: I can see them. Two males, probably.

    Lilly: How do you know?

    Christine Taylor: Only the males sing.

  • Laura Garcia: You... you lost a lot of weight.

    Lilly: I know. It's my coffee and cancer diet. I'm gonna write a book.

  • Elliot: I wish I was still in college.

    Lilly: Growing up doesn't agree with you?

  • Lilly: I remember when you were a kid. We signed you up for swimming lessons, and when we got there, you saw that some of the other kids could swim better than you. That was it. You were done. If you couldn't win, you didn't want to play - ever.

    Elliot: Any other FUN little childhood stories you want to share?

    Lilly: That's my fear for you, that you never try anything out of your comfort zone.

    Elliot: I do plenty outside my comfort zone.

    Lilly: Good, but next time an opportunity comes up, throw yourself into it. See what happens, okay?

  • Lilly: Oh, honey, you can't take any of it with you. It's all just things. And in the end, we all leave te same way we came in - naked and alone.

    Laura Garcia: Who's feeding you all this bullshit?

  • Lilly: Honey, I lost the love of my life. You don't have to.

    Laura Garcia: You should have told Daddy that while he was alive.

    Lilly: I didn't mean your father.

  • Lilly: Victoria! Come! Mama!

  • Eileen: Lily! Can't you see that I was just trying to get us something passable to eat?

    Lilly: Yeah, and I'm Wyatt Earp.

    Eileen: Can I have a kiss, Wyatt Earp?

    Lilly: Don't you go puckering up to me, Eileen.

    Eileen: Oh come on, come on.

  • Lilly: Sawmill?

    Anita: We sold our bodies, why couldn't we sell some wood?

  • Lilly: Are we going to get Eileen out or what?

    Cody Zamorra: How?

    Lilly: I don't know, but we got you out when they were gonna lynch you.

    Cody Zamorra: Well now, that was lucky.

    Lilly: Look here, I don't let my friends get hung.

  • Anita: The population of the United States is over 63 million people now.

    Lilly: They sure ain't here.

  • Kid Jarrett: What's your name?

    Lilly: Lilly.

    Kid Jarrett: Just Lilly?

    Lilly: Lilly's enough.

    Kid Jarrett: Well if you answer to it...

    Lilly: Well, that depends on who's asking.

  • Lilly: Are we going to find another saloon or what?

    Cody Zamorra: I'm finished with that.

    Anita: Me too.

  • Ned, Jarrett Gang: Hey girlie, how about old Ned unties you and we can have some fun, eh?

    Lilly: Well, then you better kill me first, because the only way I'd lay with you would be if I was dead.

  • Anita: [about Eileen] You'll see her again.

    Lilly: It ain't likely.

  • Eileen: Law of the land was the cattle could roam whever they wanted to. See that barbed wire? It gave ranchers like Tucker a chance to start out without being overrun by the cattle of the big outfits. You know, people say the West was conquered by the railroads. Uh-uh, my daddy says it's conquered by barbed wire.

    Lilly: You sure a know a lot about this for a fine southern lady from New Orleans.

    Eileen: Ah Lily, I ain't from New Orleans, I lied to Ben. I grew up on an East Texas grub farm not unlike this one.

  • Lilly: She ain't coming back.

    Anita: She will.

    Lilly: I'm going to get Eileen now, are you coming?

    Anita: If Cody comes back and we're not here.

    Lilly: Don't worry, she'll wait.

  • Mabel King: Waldo, what are you doing here with this shameless hussy?

    Lilly: Who is a shameless hussy?

    Mabel King: You are.

    Lilly: I've never been so insulted in all my life.

    Mabel King: Oh, you must've been.

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