Lieutenant Talinsky Quotes in Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994)


Lieutenant Talinsky Quotes:

  • Captain Thaddeus Harris: Not exactly a four star hotel, is it?

    Lieutenant Talinsky: Well, we spend our police budget on fighting criminals, not on pampering out of town visitors.

    Captain Thaddeus Harris: It was your government that brought us here!

    Lieutenant Talinsky: They also bring in monkeys for zoo, but we don't put them in four star hotel either!

  • Lieutenant Talinsky: Again. When you hear door, you say

    [puts money on table]

    Lieutenant Talinsky: "I'm in the bathroom, I'll meet you there."

    Bellboy: I'm in the bathroom. Meet me there.

    Lieutenant Talinsky: [sighs, puts more money on table] Again!


    Lieutenant Talinsky: I'm in the bathrooom, I'll meet you theeere.

    Bellboy: [singing] I'm in the bathrooom, meet you theeere.

    Lieutenant Talinsky: [grumbling in frustration, knocks desk with his fist twice]

    Bellboy: Come in.

  • Callahan: [the team meet with Russian forensics expert Irina Petrovskaya] Cadet Connors is also a forensics expert.

    Irina Petrovskaya: Maybe you'd be so generous to share with us your expertise.

    Cadet Kyle Connors: Sure.

    [he sits down at desk. Irina puts a slide under the microscope]

    Irina Petrovskaya: This one puzzles us. We were able to remove only one fingerprint from scene of crime. This is our only clue to identity of criminal.

    Cadet Kyle Connors: Okey-dokey.

    [Adjusts microscope lens closer to slide, until it makes contact, cracking the slide in half. Irina shrieks in horror. Jones & Callahan cringe]

    Cadet Kyle Connors: No wonder you're puzzled. This glass is all cracked!

    Lieutenant Talinsky: ENOUGH!


    Irina Petrovskaya: Next assignment, Chernobyl.

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