Lieutenant Frank Watters Quotes in Fire in the Sky (1993)


Lieutenant Frank Watters Quotes:

  • Allan Dallis: Yeah, well. I think it's about time we got outta here, what do you boys think?

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: You're real broken up about your missing buddy, aren't you?

    Allan Dallis: Well, that's very perceptive. That's 'cause he's not my friend.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: I got that. Clearly.

    Allan Dallis: Did you? Good. Now, ya' done?

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: We'll tell you when.

  • Lieutenant Frank Watters: I've been on a case since you disappeared. Where have you been the last five days?

    Travis Walton: I can't remember.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: Dr. Wilson over at the hospital tells me you went without food and water all that time. Was it worth it?

    Travis Walton: I don't know what you're talking about.

  • Lieutenant Frank Watters: You're saying that you're no longer willing to cooperate?

    Mike Rogers: All we do is cooperate and all we get back from you is grief!

  • Blake Davis: Listen, fellas, I want you all to know that there's not a damn thing personal in this. Now where's your friend?

    Mike Rogers: Which one?

    Blake Davis: Come on, Mike.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: The one with the attitude.

    Mike Rogers: If you mean Dallis, I don't know.

  • Blake Davis: We got a proposition for ya'll. I want you to take a lie detector test. If you're telling the truth, it'll sure strengthen your cause.

    Mike Rogers: [looks at the others] We'll think about it.

    Blake Davis: I got a good man right here in the state. I mean, you can take it today, tomorrow, anytime that ya'll feel...

    Mike Rogers: I said, we'll think about it!

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: Why don't we have a little talk, Mike. Outside.

    [they both go outside]

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: Young Greg told us the truth about the cut on Dallis's hand. It wasn't a paper cut, was it? He had an altercation with Travis on the day of the disappearance. Isn't that true?

    Mike Rogers: I guess.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters: I think you're startin' to get a pretty good feel for who I am, Rogers. I've been at this line of work for a long time. You know what's startin' to bug me? I think maybe you didn't kill your friend. But for the life of me, I can't figure why you're coverin' up.

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