Lida MacGillivery Quotes in Bolero (1984)


Lida MacGillivery Quotes:

  • Lida MacGillivery: [At bath scene] Stand up.

    Paloma: What you going to do?

    Lida MacGillivery: I'm going to rinse you off.

    Paloma: But why?

    Lida MacGillivery: So you don't itch.

    Paloma: But...

    Lida MacGillivery: Look at you!

    [Checking out her body]

    Paloma: I am woman -

    [Proudly showing off her development]

    Paloma: Ready. Juicy, too!

  • [Lida is upset when her lover falls asleep in bed even though she's wearing nothing but a thick coat of honey]

    Lida MacGillivery: I'm all dressed up and no place to go!

  • Lida MacGillivery: You say that we never found ecstasy... that it was quicksilver, always promising next time. Angel, I want ecstasy. Let's find it!

  • Lida MacGillivery: Do everything to me. Show me how I can do everything to you.

  • Lida MacGillivery: In the way of love, we're kindergarten toddlers.

  • Lida MacGillivery: I had so many years of being so very proper. I had good-girl claustrophobia.

  • [Even though she rides her horse naked, she can't arouse Angel]

    Lida MacGillivery: You're a hard man to seduce.

  • [Not realizing he has been gored in the groin, Lida thinks Angel still can make love to her]

    Lida MacGillivery: Now pay attention and concentrate on what I'm gonna say. This thing is going to work!

  • Lida MacGillivery: I've come all this way to give you something you may not even want - my virginity.

  • [Lida complains that, if her virginity isn't taken immediately, it will spoil]

    Lida MacGillivery: The fruit is so ripe, it's ready to fall off the tree.

  • Lida MacGillivery: I haven't been in my home country until I left.

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