Leticia Van Allen Quotes in Myra Breckinridge (1970)


Leticia Van Allen Quotes:

  • [Letitia has been pulled over by a policeman]

    Leticia Van Allen: Don't forget to remind me about the policeman's balls - I mean police show!

  • Italian man: In my country, to wait for love is like to burn by inches.

    Leticia Van Allen: You're the best salesman since Columbus.

    Italian man: He was a good lover, too?

    Leticia Van Allen: Yeah, he raised hell-a with Isabella.

  • Leticia Van Allen: Wel, the end of another busy day. I can't wait till I get back to bed. If that don't work I'll try to sleep.

  • [talent agent Leticia Van Allen is in her office with a young male client]

    Leticia Van Allen: Well, I don't care about your credits as long as you're oversexed.

    Stud: Oh, that's one of my credits!

    [a curtain goes up behind Leticia, revealing a bed]

    Stud: A bed! I never did see a bed in an office before.

    Leticia Van Allen: Well, you see I, I do a lot of night work sometimes.

  • Leticia Van Allen: How tall are you when you're off your horse, cowboy?

    Young Man at "Interview": Um, six feet, seven inches, ma'am.

    Leticia Van Allen: Well, never mind the six feet, and let's talk about the seven inches.

  • Leticia Van Allen: It doesn't take much, c'mon get your fill of it! Do something just for the thrill of it!

  • Myra: Oh, Leticia, they don't call you the queen of the casting couch for nothing.

    Leticia Van Allen: Hm, from what I understand, they're voting me a special Academy Award.

    Myra: An Oscar?

    Leticia Van Allen: No. A golden phallus. And let me tell you, one day we'll have our own stable of studs.

    Myra: A steady stream of sturdy studs!

    Leticia Van Allen: Hm, a boy bank where credit is always good. Sort of a layered day plan.

    Myra: God bless America!

    Leticia Van Allen: God help America!

  • Leticia Van Allen: You impressed me immensely. I'll keep you in mind as a summer replacement. Next.

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