Lenny Cole Quotes in RocknRolla (2008)


Lenny Cole Quotes:

  • Lenny Cole: There's no school like old school, and I'm the fucking headmaster.

  • Bandy: [pushing Lenny's wheelchair] Do you want to take the elevator or the stairs, Mr Cole?

    Lenny Cole: Bandy, come here... you been drinking?

    Bandy: No, Mr Cole.

    [Lenny slaps him]

    Lenny Cole: Think, before you drink, before you drive me mad!

  • Lenny Cole: He tried to poison me, that dirty Cossack!

  • Lenny Cole: Archie, slap him, send him to school, 'cause I can't take no more of this.

  • Lenny Cole: Look, you go see if you can find them two flash idiots that used to be his manager. What are they called, uh, Greek and Minnie.

    Archie: Roman and Mickey.

    Lenny Cole: Yeah, whatever.

  • Roman: Uh, can we help you?

    Lenny Cole: You've got an act called "The Quid Lickers".

    Roman: We did, yeah.

    Lenny Cole: Hmm... And there's a singer called "Johnny Quid".

    Roman: There was.

    Lenny Cole: Well, I'd like to see Mr. Quid.

    Roman: I'd like to see him too, but uh that's gonna be a little tricky because according to the papers, the only songs Mr. Quid's gonna be singing are hymns

    Lenny Cole: And I shed a tear. I shed a tear for all those bone-tops that read the papers and believe that shit. But did you see his body? Did you see him smacked-up and cracked-up with his tongue on his chin and his cock in his hand, swinging from the rafters like a real RocknRolla? No, you didn't, did you? And nobody else fucking did either, did they? Because he ain't dead. He's alive, alive-o somewhere selling cockles and mussels and a very important painting that doesn't belong to him.

  • [Lenny slaps a young Johnny]

    Lenny Cole: Now listen to me, boy. Listen! I never did like you and neither did your real dad. You're a reject, a wrong, and a fuckin' fairy in the mirror that I inherited from your mom. But she ain't with us no more, so now it's just you and me. In one week you're going back to school - the most expensive fuckin' school in the country, I might add - then you'll be gone for another term. In the meantime, show some gratitude and keep the fuckin' music down!

    [leaves. Johnny puts the music back on and sings along with it, so Lenny returns and undoes his belt]

  • [after getting the property deeds from One-Two and Mumbles]

    Lenny Cole: What's wrong with you, Archie?

    Archie: Is that not a bit strong, Lenny? I mean, they come from the same place as you, you're gonna clean them out.

    Lenny Cole: The same place as me? Do I look like a fucking immigrant? No one gave ME a leg up! They need a little bit of fear, otherwise they'll come up against me. They need a little lesson, don't they?

    Archie: [narrates] And that is an example of how Lenny works.

  • Lenny Cole: [wearing a hat, suit, and glasses] What d'you think we are? Gangsters?

  • Lenny Cole: I thought you lot drink vodka.

    Uri: Whisky is the new vodka.

    Lenny Cole: You're not joining me?

    Uri: I don't drink.

    Lenny Cole: [pauses before drinking] ... Cheers.

    Uri: Cheers.

  • Lenny Cole: Listen, you lousy immigrant...

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