Leila Quotes in Deep Rising (1998)


Leila Quotes:

  • Leila: You should do something.

    Finnegan: I've found you live longer if you don't.

  • Finnegan: [First lines] How we doin' out there, Leila?

    Leila: Fuck you! How you doing, my ass! I'm totally soaked out here.

    Finnegan: Aw, come on now, I pay you two bucks a day, don't I?

    Leila: Get off your lazy ass and come and help me!

    Finnegan: Cut me some slack, will ya? I'm workin' hard too, you know.

    [Plays card games on his radar computer]

  • Leila: [Hanover's thugs are beating up Pantucci, Finnegan seems indifferent] Well, don't just sit there, go help him!

    Finnegan: Are you kiddin' me? Those guys are dangerous!

  • [D discovers Leila is next to him, taking refuge from the rain]

    Leila: [points a gun at him] Don't get any ideas!... Hey, I'm just trying to stay dry here. If there was any other place to go, believe me, I'd be there. As soon as the rain lets up, I'll be gone from here and from you.

    D: I think I can guess your problem. Your family was the victim of vampires.

    Leila: You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know anything about it.

    D: All right. Perhaps I don't.

    Leila: [removes her earpiece] This stupid thing, it bothers me... You really are a weird one, you know that? In spite of being a dunpeal hunter and all that that entails. How did you know about my mother?

    D: You called her name, remember?

    Leila: She was kidnapped by vampires. My father went after her and was trying to rescue her, so they killed him. And after a while my mother returned, but she wasn't my mother anymore; she'd been changed. The people in the village stoned her to death while I watched. After that I left home. I met the Marcus brothers and joined with them. I wanted to be a hunter to avenge my parents' deaths. I've seen many terrible things since then: lives destroyed, families devastated, hopes crushed... everytime, it seems avampire is to blame.

    D: I can understand why you'd choose to do it. But the life of a hunter is no kind of life.

    Leila: It's the only life I'm any good for now. And it looks like it's the only life you've ever known. So I suggest we make a pact, since we're both in it for the long haul: whoever dies first, the other one can come and bring flowers to their grave. How's that?... It's the rain, makes me sentimental. I don't know why I should care about that - it's just I love flowers. And I don't think I'll be getting any, I'm all alone after all. We have that much in common, don't we? That we're both hunters and we're both alone. Oh well, I'm being silly, doesn't really matter...

    D: I'll do it. I'll bring you flowers if I survive this... but I don't expect to.

    Leila: Stop, I didn't really mean it when I said that. And anyway, I don't really understand why you should keep on doing this.

    D: Because I'm a dunpeal. I don't get to have a life, not like you.

  • Leila: [seeing D in the distance, approaching the village] Kyle, why don't you start back without me? There's something I want to do here first.

    [Looking at him, he slowly move closer to look her in the eyes; just stares at her a few seconds, a little too close for her liking; eventually, sounding angry]

    Leila: Back off.

    Kyle: Have I told you you're quite irresistable in that sexy skintight getup?

    Leila: [sarcastic] No, tell me about it.

    Kyle: I just did. You make sure you watch your back with that guy, Leila.

  • [as the rocket ship takes off]

    Leila: Where is he taking her?

    D: Away from here.

  • Leila: What about our relationship?

    Otto: What?

    Leila: Our relationship!

    Otto: Fuck that!

    Leila: You SHITHEAD! I'm glad I tortured you!

  • Leila: Charming friends you've got there, Otto.

    Otto: Thanks, I made 'em myself.

  • Leila: What if he's innocent?

    Agent Rogersz: No one is innocent.

  • Leila: I'd torture someone in a second if it was up to me.

  • Otto: I'm a repo man.

    Leila: What's that?

    Otto: It's a repossessor, I take back cars from dildos who don't pay their bills. Cool, huh?

    Leila: No.

  • Leila: Where have you been? I haven't seen you since Thursday.

    Allie: Walking, just walking around. I can't seem to sleep at night, not in this city.

    Leila: Doesn't seem like you sleep at all.

    Allie: Well, I have my dreams while I'm awake.

  • Nick Keller: Don't you ever wear shoes?

    Leila: No, I don't like to cage my feet.

  • Leila: I need you.

    Nick Keller: But I don't need you.

  • Robert: I *hate* the fact that women do not give a shit how anything looks or sounds, as long as they can sing along with the lyrics.

    Leila: [disgusted little noise]

    Robert: All right, I'm sorry - I get a little carried away sometimes. But you know what, I can say the exact same thing about women and their obsession with their shoes.

    Leila: That's a sexist comment.

    Robert: Is it?

    Leila: Yeah.

    Robert: How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet?

    Leila: I don't know. Maybe, um...

    Robert: I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. What was that?

    Leila: Fifty-three.

    Robert: FIFTY-TH - and you're calling *me* crazy?

    Leila: I don't know! Fifty-two, maybe? I'm, I'm not sure.

    Robert: Whatever, Imelda! That's totally obscene! I've got two pairs of sneakers, a pair of Docs, and a pair of boots, that's it!

    Leila: I don't expect you to understand.

    Robert: Of course not, because it's totally ridiculous.

    Leila: You can wear shoes; they're practical.

    Robert: Oh yeah, but can you wear 53 pairs? It's like women with a $30,000 engagement ring.

    Leila: What's wrong with that?

    Robert: Oh, come on. You know if it doesn't have airlock brakes and a passenger side airbag, it's *not* worth thirty K.

  • Leila: I think it's really important to understand the language of your enemy. It's a pity Israelis don't speak Arabic like Palestinians speak Hebrew. If they do, I think perhaps things will change.

  • Leila: Don't talk to me like this, we've been waiting hours for him to come, you come in this place and you're making a mess because you come from Israël.

  • Leila: We rear camels, cows, goats and even donkeys.

    Hanna: I have a donkey too. Moshe, my husband.

  • [last lines]

    Leila: You have to wait... until you're uncovered. You have to wait with someone naked. And then you have to wait some more.

  • [From Trailer]

    Leila: Like pleasure clings to my stomach, pleasure hurls right though him

  • Leila: David, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

    David: Come here.

    Leila: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I left your dad's house.

    David: What? I can't understand you.

    Leila: I'm sorry that I left your dad's house. I'm sorry that I left you. I'm sorry. I don't ever want to leave you again. I'm sorry... My, umm, my house is for sale...

    David: What do you mean your house is for sale?

    Leila: My parent's house is for sale and...

    David: What - Calm down, what are you talking about?

    Leila: Everything is fucking a mess... I need to be with you, I need to be with you. I love you. And I don't know what to do with it.

    David: Ok...

    Leila: My mom has this fucking apartment - I hate it. I just want to be with you. I just want to be with you. I just, I just wanna...

    David: Leila...

    Leila: I just...

    David: Leila, look at me.

    Leila: I just, I want you to know me.

    David: Leila...

    Leila: I want... I want...

    David: Leila, look at me. Look at me. Look at me!

    Leila: I want to never leave you again.

    David: Leila, listen to me.

    Leila: I don't want to hurt you. I don't ever want to hurt you again.

    David: I don't - wanna be with you. I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

    Leila: But I have to keep seeing you...

  • Leila: People fucking each other for one night, one year, twenty years. It doesn't matter; it all hurts.

  • Leila: You can't fucking make me come.

  • David: I can't stop thinking about you. All day. All night. All I do is think about you, it's all I have left

    [David takes Leila from behind, Leila gasps as they have sex]

    David: Answer me. Tell me - tell me you feel the same way I do. Tell me you're never gonna leave me, promise me.

    Leila: Never. Ever.

    David: Promise me you're never gonna leave me.

    Leila: Never.

    David: Promise me.

    Leila: Sure.

    [they finish having sex, David lies down and rests his head on her back]

    David: [weeps quietly; whispers:] I love you.

  • Leila: I won't become good. I won't become nice. I'll be bad just for him. I'll fuck just for him. When I can fuck without looking for his love I'll stop running.

  • Leila: I wish I could ride my bike forever. I wish the Sun would never go down. The summer will go on, and on, until every person is out on the streets, and feeling like me.

  • Leila: People fuck each other for one night... One year... twenty years. It doesn't matter. It'll hurt.

  • Leila: Down on my knees for the very first time I remember there was all this hair in my mouth. I didn't think that was what it would feel like and the guy kept forcing himself in my face saying "please, please, please." He sounded like a little girl... I didn't know if I was supposed to close my eyes or keep them open, but it all just happened so quick. There was this flash. I looked up and I saw his head reeling and I knew he was happy because he kept saying my name. "Leila, Leila, Leila." His hand got lack on the back of my head and you know what I did? I got off of my knees and ran. That was what I thought to do. I kept running and running and running. I raced so fast that what happened made my heart burn. My heart hurt... as if I had just twisted a muscle.

  • Leila: If you wanna get rid of a circus girl, all you've gotta do is close your eyes.

    Hank: Yeah? Then what, circus girl?

    Leila: She disappears. Like spit on a griddle.

  • Leila: God has not given me a child. Instead He has given me the gift of eternal patience and endurance.

  • Leila: [from the trailer] Daddy? I can't sleep.

    Ryan Fleege: What's going on?

    Leila: There are noises in my room.

    Ryan Fleege: You hear noises in your room? Okay, well Daddy will go and make you everything's...

    Leila: [sneezes]

    KatieKristi: [on the TV screen, talking to the outside world] Bless you.

  • Leila: [looking at the size of the camcorder] It's so big!

    Ryan Fleege: [mimicking Leila] It's so big!

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