LeBron James Quotes in Trainwreck (2015)


LeBron James Quotes:

  • LeBron James: Do you know Cleveland is great for the whole family?

    Aaron: Yes, yes. Yes I do. You tell me that all the time. You randomly just text me that.

    LeBron James: Man, What's wrong with that?

    Aaron: It's just weird. It's weird.

    LeBron James: I got free texting.

  • LeBron James: What I'm sayin' is you gotta go for it. You need to focus if you want to take it to the next level.

    Aaron: Right.

    LeBron James: You have to, like you have to give it everything you got if you want this one, man. It's like, when I lost the championship in 2011, I worked on my game twice as hard; worked on my post-up game, and we wound up winning the championship. Twice.

    Aaron: Yeah, yeah... I don't feel like that applies to me but I... I appreciate the... the thought.

    LeBron James: You gotta take a risk.

    Aaron: Yeah, no, you're right.

    LeBron James: You have to. It's like when I decided to go back to Cleveland. I wasn't totally sure they were going to welcome me back, man. But they did. They welcomed me back with open arms and an open heart.

    Aaron: Yeah, they did... Again, I feel like that applies more to you... um... like I don't even live in Cleveland... but again, I appreciate the thought.

  • LeBron James: When are you gonna come to Cleveland?

    Aaron: I'll... I'll come when I have the time. I just don't have the time right now. I'll come when I have the time. I've been really busy.

    LeBron James: You visit me in Miami all the time.

    Aaron: Yeah, but that's Miami.

    LeBron James: What's the difference between Miami and Cleveland? It's the same.

    Aaron: You're right. It's the same.

    LeBron James: Exactly.

  • LeBron James: Can you validate my parking, please?

  • LeBron James: Okay, so you had the salmon. That's about $14...

    Aaron: What're you doing man?

    LeBron James: ...you had two Cokes.

    Aaron: Dude, are you trying to split the bill?

    LeBron James: Look, I told you those refills weren't free.

    Aaron: No, no, no, no. We're not splitting the bill. Pick up the check.

    LeBron James: Why do I have to pick up the check?

    Aaron: Because you're LeBron James.

    LeBron James: Listen, don't look at me differently because now I have a little money. I don't know how long this could last. Anything could happen. I'm not about to end up like M.C.Hammer. Listen, you owe $32.43.

    Aaron: [Taking out his wallet] You know what? I'll pay it but you gotta pick up a check every once in awhile.

    LeBron James: No, no. Don't pay the whole thing, just pay your part. It's better for our friendship. Equals forever.

    Aaron: All right, all right. Fine, I'll put my credit card in. Put a credit card in, we'll split it.

    LeBron James: Okay, that's what I'm talking about...

    [Patting his pockets for his wallet]

    LeBron James: I think I left my wallet in the car.

    Aaron: [sighing] Fuck you.

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