Le Frog Quotes in Flushed Away (2006)


Le Frog Quotes:

  • Toad: You find my pain amusing?

    Le Frog: I find everyone's pain amusing, except my own... I'm French!

  • Le Frog: To action!

    Henchfrogs: We surrender!

    Le Frog: Not that action, you idiots! The kung-fu thing!

  • Le Frog: You stupid English, with your Yorkshire puddings and your chips and fish!

  • Le Frog: We leave immediately!

    [strides off screen]

    Henchfrog #1: What about supper?

    Le Frog: [strides back on screen] We leave in five hours!

  • Le Frog: This bizarre obsession with rats; it is not good for you. You are becoming what we French call "le fruitcake!"

  • Toad: You wretched vermin! I'll make you pay for this!

    Le Frog: Ah, give it a rest, cousin... and get your kids a puppy.

  • [Le Frog Has brought a cable necessary for the Toad's plan]

    Toad: At last, it's mine!

    [the Toad laughs for half a minute and is annoying Le Frog]

    Le Frog: Just take it!

  • Toad: [to Le Frog] Perhaps you forget that it was a rat who cast me from paradise.

    Le Frog: [Rolling his eyes] Oh please not the scrapbook again.

    Toad: [pulls a book off a shelf] My memoirs , volume one details the dire and tragic story of my youth.

    Le Frog: Oh mon dieu.

    Toad: Of all the pets in Buckingham palace , young prince charles fancied me the best , we would frolic day after sunny day in royal abandon sharing that sweet and magical bond between boy and toad.

    Le Frog: Your going to make me throw up.

    Toad: We were inseparable until... it arrived THAT RAT , while the poor boys head was turned , I was cruelly plunged into a whirlpool of despair.

    Le Frog: I know I know you were flushed away down the loo right? boo hoo hoo, it is so dark, so cold, so terrible


    Le Frog: .

    Toad: You find my pain funny?

    Le Frog: I find everyones pain funny but my own, I'm French.

    Toad: [stands up and knocks over a table] Just get that cable.

  • Toad: You are late.

    Le Frog: Fashionably late my warty English cousin. I know no other way.

  • Le Frog: [after Rita hit him] You will pay for this, my little chocolate croissant.

  • Le Frog: We leave immediately!

    Henchfrog: What about dinner?

    Le Frog: We leave... in five hours.

  • Toad: You find my pain funny?

    Le Frog: I find everyone's pain funny but my own. I'm French.

  • Le Frog: He's cuckoo, but family!

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