Laurent Quotes in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)


Laurent Quotes:

  • Bella Swan: Laurent!

    Laurent: I didn't expect to find you here. I went to visit the Cullens, but, the house is empty. I'm surprised they left you behind. Weren't you sort of a pet of theirs?

    Bella Swan: Yeah. You could say that.

    Laurent: Do the Cullens visit often?

    Edward Cullen: [appearing as a vision] Lie.

    Bella Swan: Yeah, absolutely. All the time.

    Edward Cullen: Lie better.

    Bella Swan: I'll tell them that you stopped by. I probably shouldn't tell... Edward. He's pretty protective.

    Laurent: But he's far away isn't he?

    Bella Swan: Why are you here?

    Laurent: I came as a favor to Victoria.

    Bella Swan: Victoria?

    Laurent: She asked me to see if you were still under the protection of the Cullens. Victoria feels it's only fair if she kills Edwards mate, giving he killed hers. An eye for an eye.

    Edward Cullen: Threaten him.

    Bella Swan: Edward would know who did it! And he'd come after you.

    Laurent: Oh, I don't think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him if he left you here unprotected? Victoria won't be happy about me killing you. But I can't help myself. You're so mouth-watering.

    Bella Swan: Please don't. I mean, you helped us.

    Laurent: Shhhh. Don't be afraid. I'm doing this out of kindness. Victoria plans on killing you slowly and briefly, where as I'll make it quick. I promise. You will feel nothing.

    Bella Swan: Edward, I love you.

  • Laurent: Your food...


    Laurent: .

    Shashi Godbole: No no no. You cooking hotel expert. I'm... in house cooking, very small.

    Laurent: No. Not small, not small. Food is... eh... food is art.

    Shashi Godbole: [In Hindi] When a man cooks, it's art... When a woman cooks, it's her duty.

    Laurent: What did you say?

    Shashi Godbole: I'm sorry. Man cooking... art. Lady cooking... daily job, duty!

    Laurent: No. No no. Food is... love. You cooking with love, good food. You make people happy. You artiste! Not small not small.

  • Laurent: [to Varla] Why are you doing so far from me?

  • Laurent: Tell me to go to hell.

    Thérèse Raquin: Where do you think you already are?

  • Waylon Forge: Well hello.

    James: Nice jacket.

    Waylon Forge: Who are you?

    James: Always the same inane questions... 'Who are you?'

    Victoria: 'What do you want?'

    James: 'Why are you doing this?'

    Laurent: James... let's not play with our food.

  • Laurent: I believe this belongs to you.

    [Laurent tosses the ball back to Carlistle, who catches it easily]

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Thank you.

    Laurent: I am Laurent, and this is Victoria, and James.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm Carlisle, this is my family

    Laurent: Hello.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm afraid your hunting activities have caused something of a mess for us.

    Laurent: Our apologies. We didn't realize this territory had been claimed.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Yes, well. We maintain a permanent residence nearby.

    Laurent: [slightly amused] Really? Well, we won't be a problem any more. We were just passing through.

    Victoria: [smiles smugly] The humans were tracking us, but we led them east. You should be safe.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Excellent.

    Laurent: So, could you use three more players?

    [Carlisle looks around warily]

    Laurent: [gives a friendly smile] Oh, come on. Just one game.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [glances in Edward's direction] Sure, why not? A few of us were leaving, you can take their place. We'll bat first.

    [Carlisle tosses the ball back to Laurent]

    Victoria: [catches ball in front of Laurent's face] I'm the one with the wicked curve ball.

    Jasper Hale: Oh, I think we can handle that.

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