Lanie Quotes in Life or Something Like It (2002)


Lanie Quotes:

  • Lanie: Oh, and if you had a week to live, what would you do?

    Pete: I would, you know - I'd have sex with you.

    Lanie: See...

    Pete: Look, you know what? I don't know. If I was gonna die in a week, I would - I'd try and live every moment. I would go to see the people that mean the most to me, and I would try and memorize their face. And I would say to them all the things that I wanted to say, but have always been too afraid to.

  • Pete: Do you have another cameraman who can make her look like a natural blonde?

    Lanie: I'm a TV personality. My hair is my trademark. Just like the "I don't like to shower" look is your trademark.

  • Pete: Did you ever hear the saying, "A picture holds a thousand words."

    Lanie: That's only for people like you who don't know a thousand words.

    Pete: I know two, and the first one begins with an "F".

  • Cal: Is this you breaking up with me? Well will you think about it for a minute?

    Lanie: A minute just seems like a really long time to waste.

  • Lanie: I met a homeless guy and he had a vision.

    Cal: What like Espn?

    Lanie: No, he had ESP! There's no N.

  • Lanie: Someone once said, live everyday as if it were your last cause one of these its gonna be. Jack was right a part of me did die that day the part of me that didn't know how to live. What does the future hold, Jack knows. But when I talk to him I make sure we only talk about sports and weather.

  • Deborah Conners: You... go.

    Lanie: You mean like "you go girl"?

    Deborah Conners: No. Just go.

  • Lanie: Well, I hope you're happy.

    Pete: Define happiness.

    Lanie: Your death.

  • Andrea: You're late.

    Lanie: I'm not late. You're early.

    Andrea: I ate cheese.

  • Jack: Watch your step on your way out.

    [Lanie trips in a crack and breaks the heel off her shoe]

    Lanie: Saw that in a vision, did you?

    Jack: No. I trip in that crack all the time.

  • Lanie: Things happen. Things you never see coming. And you think afterward: if I'd known this, would I've change things? Would I've done more? What would I be thinking? I need more time.

  • Lanie: [takes hit from pipe, coughs] This is fuckin' skank weed!

    Joe: You can still catch a buzz off of it.

  • Lanie: Who's Tack?

    Joe: Just some dude.

  • Jill Wajakawakawitz: Guy kinda reminds me of Mondo Man.

    Lanie: Yeah kind of.

    Joe: Who the fuck is Mondo Man?

    Jill Wajakawakawitz: Oh, he's just some dude.

  • Lanie: C'mon, it's our last day in LA, let's at least have some fun.

    Jill Wajakawakawitz: What's gonna be so fun, about watching those two burnouts get totally wasted and thrash my Dad's place?

    Lanie: They're not gonna do that. I'll get 'em to take us somewhere or something.

    Jill Wajakawakawitz: [Scoffs] Yeah, tell me about it. They're probably out there right now pissing in the ice tray.

    Lanie: Don't be so paranoid. They're not that lame.

    [Scene cuts to a floor-up view of Joe and Hubbs quietly laughing with the sound of ice tray filling with piss]

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