Lalo Quotes in The Enforcer (1976)


Lalo Quotes:

  • Lalo: [crying after Miki is accidentally shot; due to Maxwell stabbing DiGiorgio] Miki. Miki! Oh, baby, it's all right, I'll get you out. I'll get you home. Bobby, hey, Bobby, help me. Help me get her up.

    Bobby Maxwell: [trying to pull him away] Come on, man, you're just going to screw around and get us caught!

    Lalo: No, she's all right, we're gonna make it!

    Bobby Maxwell: Forget it, she's dead.

    Lalo: She's not dead!

    Bobby Maxwell: The hell she isn't!

    [pumps three more bullets into her with DiGiorgio's gun]

    Bobby Maxwell: Come on, it's over.

    Lalo: [shocked] Bobby!

  • Wanda: [after going over the evil plan] Alright now remember! This is for the people!

    Lalo: [with disgust] Spare me.

  • [Wanda walks into the Third Street Drawbridge operator's office]

    Wanda: Hi there.

    Bridge Operator: Hello, young lady. What can I do for you?

    Wanda: [smiles] Raise the bridge.

    Bridge Operator: [incredulously] Raise the bridge?


    Bridge Operator: Are you kidding?

    [Wanda draws her gun]

    Wanda: When I tell you to.

    [cuts to Maxwell's van following the Mayor's car along Third Street towards the bridge]

    The Mayor: Wish we could've stayed. Think the Giants are finally gonna win one.

    Mayor's Aide: I don't know, Mr. Mayor. Looks like it's gonna end up as a no-hitter.

    [checks his watch]

    Mayor's Aide: Besides, you do have the testimonial this evening.

    The Mayor: Oh, god, testimonials. They never end, do they?

    [cuts to Maxwell's van]

    Bobby Maxwell: Lalo, hand me the taser gun.

    Lalo: Karl?

    [Karl pulls a taser gun out of its box]

    Karl: Man, this looks like something from a James Bond movie. You sure it will work?

    Lalo: Karl, there's 25,000 volts in this thing. Even the fat boys are gonna do what we want once we hook it up to them.

    [hands his taser gun to Maxwell; meanwhile, Wanda - still holding the bridge operator at gunpoint, sees the Mayor's car and Maxwell's van approaching]

    Bobby Maxwell: Okay, Tex.

    [Tex moves the van into the left lane, speeds up, and passes the Mayor's car; Wanda observes them]

    Wanda: Raise it.

    [the operator presses a button; the warning bells go off and the gates begin to lower. Maxwell's van stops at the street corner adjacent to the operator's office. As soon as the gates have lowered, the operator moves a lever, and the bridge begins to rise; the Mayor's car stops at the intersection. Maxwell and his men get out]

    The Mayor: [spots them] Wait a minute. What the hell? Okay, get me out of this!

    [the driver immediately floors it and turns right onto the side street; and Maxwell's men open fire, blowing out the tires]

    Lalo: [shoves Tex's gun aside] Save the mayor, goddamnit!

    [the mayor's car stops within a few feet of a semi-truck blocking the road. Maxwell fires off a LAWS rocket that hits the truck's engine, causing it to explode. The mayor's driver gets out, only to get gunned down by a hail of bullets. The PRSF members then open the passenger's doors and shoot the mayor's aide in the head]

    The Mayor: Who the hell are you? What do you want?

    Bobby Maxwell: You.

    The Mayor: Get away from me, you son of a bitch. I'm not going anywhere with you.

    Bobby Maxwell: The hell you aren't!

    [shoots him in the chest with the taser gun; Maxwell, Lalo, Tex, and Karl take the mayor by his arms, and lead him across an industrial lot to a waiting motorboat. As the boat speeds off into the bay, Wanda sticks a star on the bridge operator's dead body]

  • Colette: [reading a recipe] Sweetbread a la Gusteau: Sweetbread cooked in a seaweed salt crust with cuttlefish tentacle, dog rose puree, geoduck egg, dried white fungus? Anchovy licorice sauce... Uh, I don't know this recipe, but it's Gusteau, so...

    Colette: [calling] Lalo! We have some veal stomach soaking, yes?

    Lalo: Yes, veal stomach, I get that.

    Linguini: Veal... stomach?

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