Lady Lou Quotes in She Done Him Wrong (1933)


Lady Lou Quotes:

  • Lady Lou: Why don't you come up some time and see me?

  • Lady Lou: Listen, when women go wrong, men go right after them.

  • Captain Cummings: Haven't you ever met a man that could make you happy?

    Lady Lou: Sure, lots of times.

  • Captain Cummings: Well, surely you don't mind my holding your hand?

    Lady Lou: It ain't heavy - I can hold it myself.

  • Lady Lou: Yes, I wasn't always rich.

    Pearl: No?

    Lady Lou: No, there was a time I didn't know where my next husband was coming from.

  • Serge Stanieff: I swear I shall make you happy. I shall die to make you happy.

    Lady Lou: Mmm, but you wouldn't be much use to me dead.

  • Lady Lou: A little bit spicy, but not too raw, you know what I mean?

  • Lady Lou: Come up again - any time.

    Serge Stanieff: I shall, then I hope you will be alone.

    Lady Lou: So do I, warm, dark and handsome.

  • Serge Stanieff: I am delighted. I have heard so much about you.

    Lady Lou: Yeah, but you can't prove it.

  • Old Woman: Ah, Lady Lou, you're a fine gal, a fine woman.

    Lady Lou: One of the finest women ever walked the streets.

  • [Lady Lou shares the latest photographs of herself]

    Serge Stanieff: They are wonderful but, uh, I like best that marvelous painting of you in the bar.

    Lady Lou: Oh, yeah, I gotta admit that is a flash, but I do wish Gus hadn't hung it up over the free lunch.

  • Lady Lou: [handing over a diamond necklace] Here's your twelve thousand.

    Jacobson: How do I know it is?

    Lady Lou: Because I say so. You never heard of me cheatin' anyone, did ya?

    Jacobson: No, no. Not about money.

  • Captain Cummings: I'm sorry you think more of your diamonds than you do of your soul.

    Lady Lou: I'm sorry you think more of my soul than you do of my diamonds.

  • [Captain Cummings approaches Lou with a pair of handcuffs]

    Lady Lou: Those absolutely necessary? You know I wasn't born with them.

    Captain Cummings: No. A lot of men would've been safer if you had.

    Lady Lou: Oh, I don't know - hands ain't everything.

  • Captain Cummings: You bad girl.

    Lady Lou: Mmm, you find out.

  • Captain Cummings: Well I... I gotta be getting back to the mission. Sally's father is waiting for me.

    Lady Lou: Hmm, that oughta be interesting.

  • Bobo: [in prison] Say, Lou, how 'bout give me another chance when I get out.

    Lady Lou: When do you get out?

    Bobo: Fifteen years.

    Lady Lou: That's a date.

  • Frances: Say, Lou, you fallin' for that bloke?

    Lady Lou: Oh, it ain't nothin' serious, but there was somethin' just wonderful about him.

  • Captain Cummings: Guess I'm taking your time.

    Lady Lou: Wadda you suppose m' time's for?

  • Serge Stanieff: The men in my country go wild about women with yellow hair.

    Lady Lou: I'm glad you told me. I wanna keep straight on my geography.

  • Gus Jordan: So you met a man who wouldn't fall for you, eh?

    Lady Lou: Who wants him to fall? Why he'd be the kind the woman'd have to marry to get rid of.

  • Pearl: I wouldn't want no policeman to catch me without no petticoat.

    Lady Lou: No policeman? How about a nice fireman?

  • Lady Lou: [to Captain Cummings] You can be had.

  • Lady Lou: You know, it was a toss up whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost.

  • Lady Lou: That's it. Loosen up. Unbend. You'll fell better.

  • Pearl: Your bath is ready Miss Lou.

    Lady Lou: You take it, I'm indisposed.

  • Serge Stanieff: I shall die to make you happy.

    Lady Lou: But you wouldn't be much use to me dead.

  • Lady Lou: Diamonds is my career.

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