Lady Jessica Quotes in Dune (1984)


Lady Jessica Quotes:

  • Paul: Irulan shall be my wife, opening the way for an Atreides to take the throne.

    Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: I sit on the throne!

    Paul: You will sit on the throne on Selusa Secundus, your prison planet. Either that, or you will die.

    [he walks towards Chani]

    Paul: The princess shall have no more of me than my name... no child of mine, nor touch, nor softness of glance, nor instant of desire.

    [he tenderly strokes her cheek]

    Paul: This is promise to you, my love.

    Lady Jessica: Think on it, Chani. We who carry the name of concubine... history will call us wives.

  • Paul: Emperor Shaddam IV, there are Guild Heighliners above us containing many Great Houses of the Laandsraad. Send them back.

    Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: How dare you speak to me in...

    Guild Worker: Stop your speaking!

    Paul: You have some idea of what I could do.

    Paul: [the Reverend Mother Mohiam growls at him] Don't try your powers on me. Try looking into that place where you dare not look.You'll find me there, staring back at you.

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: [DELETED LINE] Silence him, Jessica!

    Lady Jessica: [DELETED LINE] Silence him yourself, if you can.

    Paul: [DELETED LINE] For ninety generations you and your Bene Gesserit have labored in secret to produce a living, breathing super-weapon... one that would empower you to overthrow both the Guild and the Emperor. Indeed. This weapon, I am. And these goals, I have achieved. *But I will NEVER be YOURS to control.*

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: [Using the Voice] *You mustn't speak... *

    Paul: [Also using the Voice, which overpowers her] SILENCE!

    [she is knocked backward against several Guild Workers]

    Paul: I remember your gom jabbar, now you'll remember mine. I can kill with a word.

  • Lady Jessica: [Stumbling around a corner, blood dripping from her nose] Alia...

    Alia: [she falls into her mother's arms, also covered in blood] Mother, it's Paul. He has taken the Water of Life.

    Lady Jessica: Paul's voice?

    Alia: The Guild... they're fighting me in the mental vaults. They're behind everything. They fear the one who will come, who will know more, who will see more. The Guild is behind everything. It's not finished yet. I'm not formed.

  • Reverend Mother Mohiam: We'll salvage what we can. But I can tell you, dear God, for the father, nothing.

    Lady Jessica: [inside her head] For the father, nothing?

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: Did you really think that you could bear the Kwisatz Haderach? The universe's super being? How dare you. My greatest student, and my greatest disappointment.

    [she notices Paul is not sleeping]

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: He's awake. He's listening to us. Good. Ready yourself young Paul Atreides. I want to see you in your mother's chambers in one quarter of an hour.

    Lady Jessica: Paul, this is very important.

  • Lady Jessica: [Jessica and Leto are lying in bed together the night before the family's journey to Arrakis] I once told you a daughter would be conceived at a time of parting.

    Duke Leto Atreides: I remember. Conceived in love, at a time of parting. Arrakis is a hostile world.

    Lady Jessica: I must be sure you want this. It has to be tonight, under these influences. I could hear you with the wind.

    Duke Leto Atreides: And I whispered 'Yes'.

    Lady Jessica: And I whispered 'I love you'.

  • Reverend Mother Mohiam: Jessica you were told to bear only daughters to the Atreides.

    [Jessica ignores her, lost in thought]

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: Jessica!

    Lady Jessica: It meant so much to him.

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: You thought only of a Duke's desire for a son? Desires don't come into this. An Atreides daughter could have been wed to a Harkonnen heir and sealed the breech. We may lose both bloodlines now.

    Lady Jessica: I vowed never to regret my decision. I'll pay for all my own mistakes.

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: And your son will pay with you.

  • Lady Jessica: I know she has come to test him. No man has ever survived being tested with the box. Tonight I may lose my son.

  • Lady Jessica: There's no need to fight over me.

  • Dr. Wellington Yueh: [examining the Arakeen house staff] Excuse me, Ma'am, the Harkonnens may have tampered with them medically.

    Lady Jessica: When you said Harkonnen, I had no idea you had such cause to hate them.

    Dr. Wellington Yueh: My wife. You didn't know my wife? The Hark... forgive me if I can't talk about it.

    Lady Jessica: [voice over] They must have killed her.

    [looks at him grimace]

    Lady Jessica: He's holding something back... but there

    [looks at his forehead and sees the Suk School diamond tattoo]

    Lady Jessica: the Imperial Seal of Conditioning, assurance of trust...

  • Lady Jessica: A million deaths were not enough for Yueh!

  • Reverend Mother Mohiam: Ignore the regular order of training. His safety requires the Voice.

    Paul: I've heard enough about my safety! What about my father? You talk about him as if he were dead, well he's not!

    Lady Jessica: Paul...

    Paul: Well he's not! And he won't die. Tell me he won't die. Mother, tell me!

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: Everything that can be done has been done.

  • Lady Jessica: [in the ornithopter] He's dead! Leto, he's dead!

    Paul: I know.

  • Lady Jessica: Please...

    Reverend Mother Mohiam: Jessica, you know it must be done.

  • Lady Jessica: Oh, I'll miss Caladan so much!

  • Lady Jessica: It's deafening!

  • Lady Jessica: My son lives!

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