Kyra Quotes in The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)


Kyra Quotes:

  • Richard B. Riddick: Remember that favorite game of yours?

    Kyra: "Who's the Better Killer?"

    Richard B. Riddick: Let's play.

  • Kyra: Death by tea cup

    [pulls cup out of dead guards chest]

    Kyra: Damn. Why didn't I think of that?

  • Richard B. Riddick: Are you with me, Kyra?

    Kyra: I was always with you. I was.

  • Kyra: [sneaks up behind Riddick and points a blade at his back] Should I go for the sweet spot? Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down; the abdominal aorta? What a gusher.

    [looks over Riddick's shoulder]

    Kyra: How do I get eyes like that?

    Richard B. Riddick: You gotta kill a few people.

    Kyra: Did that. Did a lot of that.

    Richard B. Riddick: Then you gotta get sent to a slam.

    Kyra: One where they tell you you'll never see daylight again. Only there wasn't a doctor here who could shine my eyes, not even for 20 menthol Kools. Was there anything you said that was true?

  • Richard B. Riddick: What was that? You don't care if you live or die?

    Kyra: If I kill them first, not really.

    Richard B. Riddick: [quietly] Maybe I do.


    Richard B. Riddick: Keep moving!

  • Kyra: Shit! I hate not being the bad guys!

  • Richard B. Riddick: Kyra.

    [No response]

    Richard B. Riddick: [Louder] Kyra!

    Kyra: [Screams] What?

    Richard B. Riddick: Get that ASS MOVING!

  • Kyra: Death by tea-cup. Damn.Why didn't I think of that?

  • Beowulf: You were right. It was your magic that brought me here.

    Kyra: And it will be my magic that brings you back.

  • Kyra: You should be dead.

    Beowulf: Many times.

  • Kyra: A guest; how unlikely.

  • [last lines]

    Vashtar: So it's finished.

    [they gaze at the pyramid]

    Vashtar: A structure to house one man and the greatest treasure of all time.

    Senta: And a structure to last for all time.

    Vashtar: Only history will tell.

    Kyra: Will he be remembered?

    Vashtar's servant: I don't think I'll ever forget him!

    Vashtar: Yes, he will be remembered. The pyramid will keep his memory alive. In that he built better than he knew. Come, we have a long way to go.

    [they turn away to begin their journey]

  • Kenyon Stone: Coach thinks I can play basketball and still get into college.

    Kyra: So what are you saying? You want out?

  • Kyra: My pills. I think I need my pills.

    Gary: We'll get them.

    Tom: What? This guy's trying to kill us, and you want to stop for pharmaceuticals?

  • Kyra: Kolobos. It means "mutilated." Some would say it's what Zeus did when he severed the first creatures who roamed the earth in two, condemning them to wander in search of their better half. But others believe he created divine beauty, for in severing the beast, he created man and woman.

  • Kyra: It's only me.

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