Kylie Quotes in Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)


Kylie Quotes:

  • Mr. Fox: [sighs] Who am I, Kylie?

    Kylie: Who how? What now?

    Mr. Fox: Why a fox? Why not a horse, or a beetle, or a bald eagle? I'm saying this more as, like, existentialism, you know? Who am I? And how can a fox ever be happy without, you'll forgive the expression, a chicken in its teeth?

    Kylie: I don't know what you're talking about, but it sounds illegal.

  • Ash: What's that white stuff around his mouth?

    Kylie: I think he eats soap.

    Mr. Fox: That's not soap.

    Kylie: Wha- why does he have that...

    Mr. Fox: He's rabid. With rabies.

  • Mr. Fox: [addressing the others from atop a pile of bricks] In a way, I'm almost glad that flood interrupted us because I don't like the toast I was giving. I'm gonna start over.

    [Mr. Fox switches on his radio. "Le Grand Choral" plays. He gestures as if holding a wine glass]

    Mr. Fox: When I look down this table, with the exquisite feast set before us, I see: two terrific lawyers, a skilled pediatrician, a wonderful chef, a savvy real estate agent, an excellent tailor, a crack accountant, a gifted musician, pretty good minnow fisherman, and possibly the best landscape painter working on the scene today. Maybe a few of you might even read my column from time to time, Who knows? I tend to doubt it.

    [brief pause]

    Mr. Fox: I also see a room full of wild animals.

    [He approaches their groups as he speaks]

    Mr. Fox: Wild animals, with true natures and pure talents. Wild animals with scientific-sounding Latin names that mean something about our DNA. Wild animals each with his own strengths and weaknesses due to his or her species.

    [re-ascends the brick pile]

    Mr. Fox: Anyway, I think it may very well be all the beautiful differences among us that might just give us the tiniest glimmer of a chance of saving my nephew, and letting me make it up to you for getting us into this, this crazy... whatever it is. I don't know. It's just a thought. Thank you for listening. Cheers, everyone.

    [mimics draining the imaginary glass and smashing it to the floor]

    Kylie: Lets eat!

    [All eyes turn to Kylie]

    Kylie: What? I was just playin' along with the bit he was doing...

  • Mrs. Fox: [Kristofferson has just departed after Ash's comment] You have got twenty-nine minutes to come up with a proper apology.

    Ash: [snaps, gestures wildly] Me? *Me* have an apology? He gets a bandit hat? He just got here, and he gets a bandit hat? Where's *my* bandit hat? Why didn't *I* get shot at? It's because, you... you... you think I'm no good at anything! Well, maybe you're right, thanks.

    [stomps away angrily and slams door upon exit]

    Kylie: [sighs, to Mr. Fox] Told ya not to bring him.

  • Kylie: Apple juice... apple juice flood...

  • Ash: [Mr. Fox has just lost his tail in the shooting] It'll grow back, won't it?

    Kylie: Tails don't grow back.

    Ash: Tails don't grow back?

    Kylie: Uh-uh. 'Cept for lizards.

    Mr. Fox: Tails don't grow back. I'm gonna be tail-less for the rest of my life.

    Ash: Well, anyway, it's not half as bad as double pneumonia, right? I mean his dad's got one foot in the grave and three feet on a banana peel. That's a lot worse than just a...

    Kristofferson: [ricochets an acorn around the room, which lands in the teacup he is holding. The others glare in amazement] Excuse me, everyone. I'm gonna go meditate for half an hour.

    [exits quickly]

  • Mrs. Fox: [Mr. Fox and Kylie are sneaking through the Fox family's kitchen, Kylie is wearing a bandit mask; Mrs. Fox sees them from a doorway] Another book party?

    Mr. Fox: [surprised] Oh! I didn't see you sitting in the dark over there.

    [grins sheepishly]

    Mr. Fox: Yeah! No actually, there's a fire. I just got the call; they said maybe it's arson. I've got to interview the marshal and see if it's...

    Mrs. Fox: Kylie,

    [turns on the light]

    Mrs. Fox: is he telling the truth?

    Kylie: [turns to Mr. Fox] I... I don't want to be put into the middle of this!

    Mr. Fox: Thanks, Kylie.

    Mrs. Fox: [notices something off to her right] Why is he wearing that bandit hat?

    [points to Kris, who is halfway out the door leading to the kitchen from the starwell leading upstairs; Kris pulls his bandit hat up to unobscure his face]

    Mr. Fox: His ears were cold. He's not with us.

    [to Kris]

    Mr. Fox: Go back to bed.

    [Kris leaves and closes the door]

    Mrs. Fox: If what I think is happening is happening - it better not be.

  • Mr. Fox: A Titanium Card?


    Mr. Fox: How did you qualify for this?

    Kylie: I pay my bills on time.

  • Mr. Fox: I spotted a couple of broken burglar bars underneath the back door to Bean's secret cider cellar.

    Kylie: We're breaking into Bean's *house*?

    Mr. Fox: Cellar.

    Kylie: Where he *lives*?

    Mr. Fox: Where he keeps the cider.

    Ash: [appears behind them] *Below* where he lives.

    Mr. Fox: [takes] Where'd you come from? Why don't you go back to the tree and do your homework?

    Ash: I want to help you steal some cider.

    Mr. Fox: *We're* going to a *book* party, and keep your mouth shut about any cider, because no one ever said that! Now get out of here!

    Ash: But, ah...

    Mr. Fox: But nothing! You're gonna get me in a lot of trouble! Besides, you're too little and uncoordinated.

    [Ash frowns, twitches, and spits]

    Mr. Fox: One, two, three!

    [Mr. Fox points in the direction of the tree. Ash stomps off, growling]

  • Badger: [opens letter from Boggis,Bunce and Bean] Why did they write this in letters cut out of magazines?

    Kylie: To protect their identities. Oh, right, but then why did they sign their names? Plus, we already know who they are, because they're trying to kill us.

  • Liz: What do I want? I'll tell you what I want! I want Ken Railings to walk in here right now, and say 'Pam Shortt's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with YOU!'

    [the door flies open. It's Ken]

    Ken: Pam Shortt's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with you.

    Kylie: That was unexpected.

  • Kylie: A bit of musicality, please!

  • [Charm snatched the power cord from Kylie]

    Charm: No you don't little miss!

    Kylie: Shame on you, Miss Leachman!

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